How. Many . Members. Are wearing bulletproof vest

And what kind of vest .DO YOU PREFER. :question:and can anyone tell that you have it on :question:


It would be too much to live s normal life. :wink:


Based on my experience, basically none.

In part it seems illogical how averse most carriers are to soft concealable body armor. We talk at length about winning a “gunfight”, but don’t even seriously consider wearing something in case of getting shot.

But, also based on my experience, concealable soft armor tends to be far less comfortably than carrying a gun, especially when it’s hot/humid. It kinda sucks to wear. And IMO it’s harder to conceal than a common carry gun. So from a practical perspective, it’s kind of not.


I often work out in the desert and sometimes have to carry a bunch of other gear so the added weight and heat just doesn’t make sense for me. I will have to settle for movement and cover to try and keep the bullets from hitting me should I get unlucky enough to get into a self defense situation.

Someday if funds allowed I would like to get a good set of level 4 plates and a helmet for the unlikely events that could happen. Like some armed escaped criminals running around our little town or a significant breakdown in law and order. I know those of you in some other areas of the US may already be experiencing this but it has not reached my kneck of the woods.


Shamrock :shamrock: it’s definitely going to have to you neck of the woods . Texas is sending them biden has mass up man. I know he knows every Democrat has told him please shut down the border they are truly scared now and it’s to late we are going to have to fight this criminals just to get them into handcuffs or kill them they are here to kill us not all but definitely enough enemies to destroy our country love you brother when you see what I have you will remember I told you seriously I warned you and anyone that says different I will take them with me and we may not be coming back it’s dangerous at the Texas Mexican border and in Texas for sure they are coming to your neck of the woods brother I promise Bobby Jean :feather::feather::heart::white_heart::blue_heart::shamrock::four_leaf_clover::us::us::us::six::tiger2::beer:

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My vest is good only for the front not the back .!!

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My neck of the woods is very cold and snowy even though we are only a couple hundred miles North of the boarder. Even in the summer time the nights are cold at this altitude and there is not enough available housing for the people who do have jobs. So I suspect we will actually be one of the last areas to get stuck dealing directly with the illegal immigration crises even though I live in AZ. But it is definitely becoming an issue for my coworkers who live in Southern AZ. Many of them are having a lot of problems with homeless and/or illegal immigrants and are strongly considering moving North even though they love their current homes.


They are coming to Texas and it’s so cold we have to take them and send them to community NEER you

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Send them to the people in CA and NY etc. who seem to think it is a good idea to let millions of unvetted people cross our boarder every year. Or better yet tell them not to come in the first place. Things were already falling apart here before the waves of illegal immigrants started swarming across the boarder. They are all showing up just in time to see their new hoped for home turn into everything that was bad about the old homes they were fleeing.

I’m all for supporting immigrants who want to legally come here and can find gainful employment without taking the jobs of those who are already here but think it is an incredibly bad idea to openly invite every disadvantaged person in the rest of the world to come here when we can’t even take care of our own legal citizens.


Shamrock :shamrock: you are right and everyone is in grave danger because of bittem and we have to protect ourselves against invaders sir there COMMIN to your community brother stay safe defend your self and protect yourself and family brother love Bobby Jean :feather::feather::tiger2::six::heart::white_heart::blue_heart::toolbox::statue_of_liberty::stop_sign::stop_sign::stop_sign::100::100::100::bangbang:sir

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Lots interesting Posts this week Bobbyjean.

When Covid first broke out, and we had much turmoil in the USA that year, I finally purchased one from:

I do not wear it much, but do prefer it in winter, due to its bulkiness, however I found this company to have different versions and price points. Peace of mind.


I have a couple of sets of Armor (for work)
Level 3 and 4’s, plates and Conceal, Safe Life also and AR500
I do NOT wear Armor at Home/Off day’s
If it starts getting ‘Gnarley’ OUT THERE I’ll put on my Condor Chest rig
(6) AR mag’s, (6) Pistol mag’s and in the ‘Map’ pouch I stuffed some
side Armor panels JIC, People in my neck of the woods look at me sideways already w/ my EDC, extra mag(1) and OC Gel pouch, I wear an oversized shirt just to get through the Costco Door Nazi’s.
Wearing Armor for shopping is just too much for me.


Donny Brother your a True Gunner sir I know you are ready straight up sir thank you for being my inspiration and brother sir love brother Bobby Jean and Debbie ann and puppies sir LOVE YA HERE IS YA A ROOTBEER. Sir :beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::tiger2::feather::feather::statue_of_liberty::six::heart::white_heart::blue_heart::100::100::100::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::bangbang:STAY SHARP BROTHER SIR ALMEN SIR


It more than kinda sucks. It really sucks.


I have level 4 plate staged, along with a ballistic helmet.