Embrace The Naked Blade

We need a whole lot more young men like John. @Craig6 the title is another Big Trouble in Little China reference. Hope you like it.

Any adversary willing to accept injury to defeat you is a powerful adversary. We must get beyond trying to avoid injury and start to focus our efforts on cutting the adversary down.


@Ken38 I dig what the man has to say. Dunno much about him but I hope he finds alternative media to support him as he speaks the truth.




Love the Warrior Poet

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He was a Ranger Regiment guy for awhile. I have no idea why/how he left, but I’ve never caught whiff of any criticism from that direction. I think he still lives in GA. I’ve watched his content (not religiously, but quite a bit) for several years now and I’ve watched him mature his message during that time. Solid fundamentals and tactics from everything I’ve seen. But I really like the SOUL he brings to the round table. He was an early adopter of RMRs on handguns, but I am pretty sure a vision defect drove him there. Now, the consumer market tech is catching up and he looks like a genius.


Watched this yesterday. It is a sad state of affairs when someone with gentle wisdom has to fear what he says.
We as conservatives/constitutionalists/free thinkers need to be thinking ahead about how we will communicate when all the progressive platforms ban free speech.


It used to be a free country! They are winning the game, because we let them! They don’t care about our money and they don’t care about our respect!
What do they say about absolute power?

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I like his info too. I’ve struggled to find a rifle class because most trainers are only doing CCW right now, so I signed up to his new site and went through his rifle 1 & 2 programs and practice some of his drills. I still want in person training but his stuff has already made me a better shooter than I was.

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