Security guard learns of uscca!

Was outside a medical center waiting on my daughter and the parking lot unarmed guard was walking his route, I went to a bench under shade, it was cooler & we started chatting. What I thought was a pistol ended up being a taser- he’d lose his job if he was caught carrying even a derringer but had a 9mm in his car if he thought his life was in danger, not real good logic to me but I was able to preach the gospel of USCCA with him, gave him my card with my email & uscca .com, he said he did not know this type of stuff existed, his co outfitted him with a knife grade vest.? But it looked like bulletproof, anyways I said to contact me if he wanted to join & I’d refer him and he & I both would get freebies and I’d give him mine as a bonus bc what peace of mind, training and legal protection u get is that important. Honestly most I’ve spoken to still think if it was a self defense situation they would just go home or not go to jail and wouldn’t need a lawyer. I hope he checked the site out and watched the videos. Just thought I’d share a story, Peace


Well done, brother. I hope and pray he takes your advice. Security officers are the most vulnerable when it comes to defense of self, or of someone else’s property.
Thank you for doing your part. Peace.


Thank you for looking out for a security brother!


My most fervent hope is we grow USCCA to millions of voices to drown out the bought and paid for anti gun voices of Michael Bloomberg and George Soros.