How long has it been since you've been to the range?

Went today and put 180 rds through my Taurus G3 to break it in. Just got it a couple weeks ago, along with my P365. I bought a sleeve to put over the grip of my 365 because my hands engulf it otherwise. Still getting used to its size, but I love it. Also used my M&P9 compact as thats what I’ve been practicing with for my CCW class in 2 weeks.


Went today outdoors on my friends property with a few other friends and shot steel targets for about 4 hours. A lot of fun was had. Between all of us we had about 15 guns on the table and it seemed like we would not run out of ammo. We were some shooting fools. It has been a while since I have shot outdoors at steel targets and I struggled at first then I got sighted in and it was game on. My advice to my brothers and sisters out there in the community, take it from me, shooting is a perishable skill, if you don’t use it you lose it. Practice, Practice and Practice. One good thing during our conversations is that ammo prices were down and shelves were stocked.


Went Saturday. Took the Evil Black Rifle, and a Garand out for a spin. A good time was had by all.


Yesterday.Had a blast.Plus got the old lady to shoot a 44 mag for the first time.

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Yesterday, Helped with Hunter safety class range time
graduated 18 students



Today. Brought my neighbor up to the club. Dennis just got his permit. He had his NY permit 10 years, but never shot a gun 'til he met me. Not sure how that works but it’s what he’s said a few times. Now permitted in CT, he brought a pistol (hi-point, initially held it sideways :laughing:… it’s a NY thing maybe :rofl:) in .380 and a nice looking little .32 revolver. I just shot a couple mags each through the 4 pistols I brought, 2 in 45, 2 nines…
Headed to the rifle range, buddy wants a CT “other”, AR based, so I brought my 3, 12.5, 14.5 and 16". First mag with the 12.5, offhand, it was thewackthwacktheack…on steel at 120, so I quit while I was ahead. Ran Dennis through controls, where to buy/build one etc… basically a lot of information that he was happy to get. Had to take his picture with 2 of the guns :laughing:, then he shot a mag out if the 12.5" hit the steel half the time, and wanted to buy that gun :blush:. I told him I had been thinking of selling it, but as I shot my one mag, tired from lack of sleep and hit the plate every pull, I was thinking $800, nope, $1000…$1200…$1400…and by the 10th thwack…NOT FOR SALE!!:+1:. We never did shoot my longer ‘others’. No worries, still clean and there’s other days.

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Evil black rifle…5.56x45
Wood stocked classic Garand…7.62x63

BWAHAHAHAHA :laughing:

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Awesome, and very true about using it or losing it…My main issue is front sight focus, so it’s weekly to the club, and several times a week at home, just drawing and keeping the eyes going as best I can…

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Good for you dear MICHAEL_LEE1

Of course I’m saddened by the shootings of recent. Worse, it’s commonplace. Wouldn’t be surprised it occurs more often in America during warm weather. Even had family fall victim.

And I’ll do what I can to reduce such incidents. However, part of our culture has called it “Gun Violence”.

Before it’s gun violence, it’s violence, before it’s violence, there was a person behind it. If we do not address the development of that person, we are not helping.

It was not until today, when I heard it myself, on my own, and it was not forced onto me, when I realized it.

Thank you; For of all the different work you could be doing instead, you chose to train on safety ---- and "that "makes a difference.

Check out the very end of this film “Stars In The Sky”, where a hunter describes a life of respect and honor:

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