How do you carry concealed?

Getting back to Kevin’s video…Kevin forgot to wear his pukka shell necklace…hmm that was years ago, I still have mine… I carry OWB, and my wife got me a steel lined belt, and I wear larger shirts. I keep my belt fairly tite as not to loose the concealed tool, or find my trousers in an embarrassing situation. Kevin also did a video and article on bathroom carry. Lots of great posts there. Holsters? I have several, some for different occasions. That again, is a personal item.

Dang! I missed working on stocks during woodshop?? If only I would have known then what I know now.

My kids high school has a trap shooting league. They could never bring their guns to school though. Lots of extra traveling to pick up/drop off guns.

I carry a G19 OWB in a Bravo Concealment with pancake loops at about 2:30. Total concealment. Or, a Bravo or Alien IWB at 3 or 3:30. Depends on what I’m wearing and the firearm I’m carrying.


I have the S&W M&P Shield 2.0. I really like it. My son has the Hellcat. I have shot it, but don’t particularly like the feel of the trigger. I like mine much better.


Mostly AIWB nowadays. This, but just right of middle.


Usually IWB at 3 :00.

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I carry IWB at the 3:30 position with a slight cant.

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Usually at IWB at the 4-5 o’clock position.

Aiwb. In a bravo concealment

Another for the AIWB. My shoulder won’t allow for 4-5oclock carry these days.

AIWB is how I carry. Pretty much 1 o’clock and an extra mag at 11.

4:30-5 IWB. It practically disappears on me. I have an Aliengear tuck 3.5.

I tried AIWB but for me with my current gun it is not as comfortable and it prints a lot more.

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If I do it right no one will ever know

Right handed shooter. 11:00 crossdraw.

So far, liking how the leather shoulder holster feels and looks (Fall/Winter/Spring). For my summer hip OWB, I’m still searching for a better leather holster which is not so tight a fit; Maybe one which is adjustable. Looking forward to the posts on this topic.