How can we do a better job of protecting our constitutional rights?

The same constitution that so many now wish to tear down and disregard, is the very same constitution that gives them the freedom to protest in the first place!. Do they not comprehend that if they can strip me of my right to bear arms, they can be stripped of their right to object to mistreatment? Do they not comprehend that the constitution, and it’s well thought out provisions, are our ONLY guarantee of ANY " RIGHTS" at all ? The right to bear arms is the single most significant right we have towards all the important self protections we have a God given right too. I will defend their right to peacefully protest as I simultaneously defend my right, and reasonable ability, to defend my self.

If being a “constitutional law” American is a bad thing now, then i ask, - In what does their right to protest rest? And what recourse would there be for any grievance that ANYONE may have ?

How can we begin doing a better job of rightly, but very firmly, protecting our 2nd amendment rights, and all the other vital rights, like our eroding freedom of speech?


With community and money. Seek and join organization(s) that pledge to protect your rights. Donate to such organization(s). Donate to people unfairly prosecuted for exercising their rights or doing their job.


I will freely admit, I am a pessimist. I’ve seen the worst in humanity far to much.

I am very afraid of what happens to our country if this election season goes the way I expect.

I watched the event in Virginia on 1-12-2020 and started to feel some hope until the duly elected Representatives of Virginia completely ignored the will of the people.

With 4 Supreme Court Justices actively pressing for 2nd Amendment cases to be granted Certiorari and it still be ignored.

The recent violence with 0 blame placed where it belonged.

I do not feel hopeful. I mourn for what my country is becoming.


I have also seen a lot of the worst, and while i may be able to understand the mistake the ultra sheltered and provided for are making, it does not change the fact that things like the 2A are part of our national immune system. We may dream of a disease free future, but to assume we can make it so by abandoning our protections, is just tragic foolishness.


I don’t think we are an immune as we used to be! Can you spell Venezuela?
Next I feel when they go low we go prone.
The answer to the question is, after we protested 1-12-2020 respectfully and best of all disciplined, we got smacked in the face. Not a shot was fired. No harm to human life! No fires and no looting. The area remained immaculate. Maybe we should learn some new tactics that have recently come to light. I don’t mean fires and looting, although!!!
Guaranteed no one we are seeing on the nightly news has written their Congressmen, called/emailed their Senators. There’s only one way to save our Constitutional rights and our way of life. Buy them all one way tickets to Venezuela.
If they hate the country so much, I have no objection to their leaving, they lied to us when they said they would if President Trump was elected. They hate the game and the players. Why do they still have rights?


The left are always in the news. They made a cottage industry out of activism. It’s like a boxing match where they don’t knock out the Right—yet, but they keep on piling up points because we’re only looking for a haymaker.

Have you heard of Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch? Seems to me he’s a one-man crew fighting voter fraud and other shenanigans of the left. The least I could do is donate to his group.
And then, there’s this guy going from city to city to register republican voters. We need more of him. I hope to help when he goes to our city in July.

I once asked a non-gun owner conservative his stance on guns. His answer was, “it doesn’t affect me so I don’t give a…”
The sad thing about it is when we find out it affects us, the enemy is already way ahead of us.

We can no longer remain passive.

Rant over.


The First thing to do is get on you hands and knees and pray to the Lord for your family, our government and President Trump to stop all the craziness happening in the U.S.A and in the world today. Join organizations that fight for your believes. Make your vote count.


VOTE! VOTE MORE! VOTE BETTER! AND STOP VOTING FOR CAREER POLITICIANS! If the people truly want change than stop voting for the same old same old!


If only voter fraud was not so rampant.

“It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.” Joseph Stalin


Buy more guns and then go boating in stormy weather.

I am concerned. But it’s a good thing guns have been flying off the shelf. It shows most Americans want to be able to protect themselves.

I also think this needs to stop being a left and right issue. It’s true the left (they’ve seemed a bit extreme over the past few years) pushes for gun control. This should be fought against. But guns aren’t for republicans or conservatives. They’re for all of us. I hope with the events taking place recently more Americans understand this.

We need to get more people into the range. They may not buy a gun, but I feel perspective changes when you get to shoot the guns. You realize they’re powerful, but they definitely have limitations. ARs don’t look so scary when you hold them in person :joy:.

Just my random thoughts

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About a month ago, I talked to a actual law-student; She wanted to put me to shame because I’m only pre-law.

Let it be known, we never talked again after our constitutional disagreement.
More importantly, I wanted to know how she got into LSU ?

In these weary times people have purchased weapons for the first time, some are looking for ammo and can not find any. The fears of the future with Covid, Protests and politics are inditing uncertain times of what may be or possibly be as our future.  We can press forward to being the great nation we are. We can support our 1st and 2nd  Amendments by supporting organizations that support the Amendments. We can contact our legislation and let them know that the 2nd amendment supports the 1st amendment, as well as, the 3rd and 4th amendments. If we could put "in God we trust" back in our government and country, it would help.
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Voting and GOA. They’re doing a lot of good.


First, exercise your rights even when there is pressure not to. Especially the 1A and 2A. If you don’t exercise them, you may as well not have them. Second, pay attention to local, state, and national events. Let your reps hear from you. Third, and this one gripes me because we shouldn’t have to pay for rights already enumerated in the Constitution, but support groups who are fighting on our behalf. If everyone donated a little, it would really add up because we are such a large country.


When you vote, it counts! Congrats Indiana :+1:


The issue of Constitutional Law is the hill I have chosen to die on. I have lost a ton of Facebook friends and some real world friends over this. All of them are on the left. I’ve absolutely lost friends on the right as well, but no due to Constitutional issues.

What is boils down to is that some people only want the Constitution to work for their opinion. They will shove Constitutional Law in your face but then call you a racist when you tell them that the same laws that allow BLM to assemble peacefully also allow the KKK to do so. Now I’ll be happy to agree with you that the KKK puts out a message of hate, that they should be labeled as a terrorist organization, and no longer be allowed to assemble. However, my opinion is just that, an opinion. Until the government labels them as a terrorist organization, the KKK is free to assemble peacefully. It is the same with any organization.


If we let ourselves loose our constitutional rights, what else would we have? There would be no framework of meaningful protections beyond transient promises of this administration or that. And those would be backed up by nothing, nothing at all. I am not sure how best to protect our rights, but be you a conservative or a protester, those rights serve, and protect both alike.

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The title is a little misleading, but a good article none the less.


This article is written by Kyle Kashuv, survivor of MSD massacre. He experienced police non-arrival first hand. Better believe what he says.


I agree, and would add that the NRA has gone AWOL. Join Gun Owners of America!