Holster Reviews

If you were to review your carry holster, what would you say? Pros? Cons?


Depends which one. I would discuss size/weight, easy of on/off, ease of draw, level of concealment, ability to morph into alternate hand use, ability to add mag/light/etc. I’m sure that there is more.


I would say my holster is comfortable, holds the gun well-retention, light weight and well made-carbon fiber, it’s a Concealment Express brand/make. Easy to unholster and holster and easy to put on and take off.


There are couple of things about good holster, and of course all have to be PROS. If there is at least one CONS - such holster is “no go”.

  1. hard shell
  2. covered trigger guard
  3. positive retention ( however I don’t care if it fells out if holster is upside down, handgun has to sit tightly in lying position)
  4. comfortable enough to be wear for 12 hrs (I know concealed carry is never comfortable, but it shouldn’t hurt you)
  5. easy for fast draw
  6. adjustable clip/belt loops (height, cant)

I’m sure there are 7, 8, 9… but these 6 above are good for me.


Current holster is from Tripple T Holsters, it is the standard kydex owb.
Pros: close enough to go to the store in person, good retention, comfortable to wear for extended periods, molded specifically for my firearm/light combination, covers the trigger completely, pulls the firearm in close to the body, easy quick draw and reholster, lightweight, no rust or corrosion on fasteners despite scratches, lifetime warranty.


Mines custom because I can’t find a good one ($600 and counting).

So here is my review
Form fits my gun
Actively covers trigger
Semi comfortable

0 Retention
Already starting to discolor the finish on my Glocks.
Limited positions to wear it comfortably.


I like my Tagua Gecko. It is great for small pistols. Fits in the waistband with no clips. The texture on it keeps it from sliding, but you need a good belt. Easy to remove when you are getting in and out of a car. Holds a variety of small pistols comfortably.


Bravo concealment torsion holster. I carry aiwb m&p2.0
Very comfortable.
Hard shell injection molded.
Fully covered trigger
Open bottom for threaded barrel
Fits suppresser hight sights
Great retention
:us: made
Cons. Ulti clip dose not work


Good question. Complicated with all the different ones.

  1. Cross breed–love them. Well made, comfortable. Have them for an M&P Shield .45, Ruger 57, 1911.
  2. Sticky holster–great pocket holster and ankle holster for a Sig 938.
  3. Blackhawk Serpa–have them for Glock 30, Glock 22, 19, and 1911. While they have fell out of favor with the instructor crowd, I still like them and use them when carrying for hunting.
  4. Galco Jackass: Nice, well made. Hate it. Don’t like a shoulder rig.
  5. HIll Country Leather–elephant skinned pancake and mag holder. Beautiful, fancy, comfortable. Too fancy for everyday wear.

The list of holsters I don’t like is easy to sum up. Don’t buy a generic holster that fits a bunch of guns. They don’t work as well as the ones made for a specific model. I don’t like nylon holsters either.

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@Dawn am I sensing correctly, that you are wondering what we would look for in a holster review?

What combination of firearms and accessories does the holster support. Pretty much every holster maker will support a Glock 19, but do they support it with a weapon light and a red dot? What if I have a threaded barrel? What if I have suppressor height sights with or without a red-dot? If it doesnt support the accessories I need, then its a non-starter.

What materials do they use? Is it kydex, leather, both, or some other material? What kind of leather? How thick is the Kydex? Do they use plastic or metal for clips, screws, nuts, etc?

What is the quality of workmanship? Does it seem well made, and consistently made?

What is the intended use case? Appendix carry vs strong-side hip vs competition holster vs duty holster, etc. How well does it perform at that use-case? For example, a duty holster without active retention is a non-starter. A belly-band type holster will have a wholly different set of criteria than a leather strong-side hip holster.

How easy is it to get in and out of?

How fast is the draw compared to other similar models? (this is very subjective I know)

What are the adjustment options available, and how much can you adjust it? Cant and ride-height are obvious, support for foam wedges and a claw on appendix carry is crucial. How far apart are the belt loops? Some pants work better with loops spaced a certain distance apart. Does it support different types of belt loops like metal vs plastic or ulticlips?

What customization options are there? No one ever sees it but me, but I always put a Kryptek pattern on mine :smiley:

The hardest part is maybe getting photos of a wide variety of people (different shapes & sizes) and different clothing types.


I will be doing another one of these in a month or so. I don’t buy in to first impression reviews. Dara Duty holster in case anyone was wondering.


I revived this old thread as I didn’t want to start another. All threads are never ending.


I bought this for my Taurus PT 1911 and I use it with a NEX Belt, a good combo.
It fit a little tight with the light rail but some leather softener and lots of in and out and it fits
and draws nicely now. It stays tight to your side and using the top two slots is better in the car with no poking and the top and bottom slot is preferred when walking.
So far after two weeks of everyday use I give it 5 :star:s.
Purchased from Galco Holsters with a 20% discount from USCCA on $96.00.


@BRUCE26 that is a nice looking holster.:+1::+1:


Love my Tagua Gecko, however not a bad Idea to clean it every now and then as it loses “adhesion.”


JM Custom:

Comfortable, dependable, sturdy, swapped the clips out for their metal clips, Needed some loctite, easy to clip on and off. I highly recommend it.

I don’t carry a holster that fails this criteria.