Holster for Walther WMP

While my groups out of the box were tight at 12 yds., they were 4" left and 2" high. I can move the rear sight to correct for windage, but will just adapt to the elevation difference (putting on a higher front sight is likely to move impact too low). However, when the red dot is installed the irons are not useable. I will need to come up with a work around to account for potential battery failure. Experimentation is expensive. Fortunately discarded Glock sight are fairly easy to get.

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I was at Watchdog Tactical yesterday, and they have a WMP in stock. Order gun and holster at the same time - they will need to use the WMP they have for the Kydex molding. Have them ship everything to your local FFL.

Things worked out. I now have the gun and the holster. Both are excellent.

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first, the card code is not in effect yet (maybe never).
second, try gunbuyer.com, that’s where i got mine, I LOVE it!
I’m still looking for a holster for it. I may try my local leather shop, see what they can do for me.

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Hello and welcome @Michael1693

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Gun and Flower store makes a great WMP holster. Available on Amazon. “Universal OWB Holster for Canik / FN / Walther / Browning / S&W / Sarsilmaz / Sig / Girsan / Stoeger / Bersa / 1911. Fits More Than 100+ Pistol. Index Finger Release System丨Cant Retention- Right Hand.” Fits as well as any custom made. Accessories available.

FWIW this is the only WMP mag carrier I have found so far.

It has been cold here. I have got bored messing with the WMP (piece of junk) and have not touched it in 6 weeks 03/19/2023 today. I don’t need a holster for it any longer, either. I have a set of Glock sights on it now and a Glock adjustable rear sitght to put on it. Also a set of F and R Fiber Optics sight for a Glock to try. I just have been working on & shooting other guns. The WMP is such a piece of crap I will trade it off sooner or later. (I will say I have wasted a lot of ammo trying to sight it in and never had a failure.) CCI .22WMR ammo cost too much to waste in a gun that gets such large groups. I got 4 boxes of CCI hollow points for 0.35 per round at a Gun Show yesterday, that’s a few cents cheaper than at a dealers. Indiana has a 7% sales tax. I have other 22 magnum guns. I have always wanted a semi-auto pistol in 22WRM but to no avail. I have tried them all. I even tried 4 different KetTecs over the years. I had a Rock Island 22WRM it was accurate & but unsafe to carry loaded and failed at least once per magazine and believe it or not would not fit in a Blackhawk 1911 holster.

Awhile back, @Johnnyq60 posted a picture of his around the house holster. I couldn’t find one that would fit my home defense firearm for the house. So I found a guy who does custom leather work, so I’m getting a holster customized for what I need.


I carry a S&W 351pd, a very light revolver in the pocket of my sweats when lounging around the house. When I put my jeans on there is a Blackhawk CQC holster on the belt that gets filled with a Sig 365XL. In the summer I put the S&W in the pocket of my shorts. Keep some type of shirt handy to throw on so as not to frighten the UPS driver, eh?

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I’ve had mine for about 200 rounds. I love it. I’ve used everything from CCI down and not had any trouble.
Now I’m waiting for Walther to make a compact/subcompact in 22wmr.

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If you are still looking, I highly recommend Slim Fit Holsters in Denver, CO.

Hi Larry,

I did find a business in South Carolina to make the custom Kydex holster I needed.

I do appreciate your recommendation for Slim Fit holsters. I’ve not heard of that company, but will check their website when I need another Kydex holster in the future.

Sincerely, Jeff