Highland Park, IL Shooting of July 4, 2022; near Chicago

Howard here is what we call a liberal troll…


Let me help you with some facts. He lives in Lake County, IL. I know because I grew up in Lake County and know the city he lives in.

Antifa Leftist? Are you kidding me? He is a sick kid. The evidence that has been found shows that he is anything but an Antifa Leftist. Nazi symbols, his drawings, etc. I wonder if you even know what Antifa is. Just in case you don’t it stands for Anti Facism. That’s what Hitler was. He was absolute leader who surrounded himself with people who swear absolute loyalty to them (the leader). He has total control and kills anyone who is a threat to the regime.

By the way I grew up in Highland Park and I have two family members who still live in the house my Dad had built in 1953.

Yes, that is the definition, however the reality is quite the opposite.


Antifa are actually fascists. Hitler was a socialist.
Now fo back and read about kyle. He spent time between his divorced parents’ homes. He had a job in kenosha qnd a girlfeoend there.

As for your growing up in highland park…who cares. Im feom kale forest-my wife highlamd park. I actually live in lake county. I know the gun laws in hp because i helped sue thwm iver their unconstitutional law.

You need to turn off msnbc bro

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Sorry. Socialist don’t commit Genocide. Hitler started out as a Socialist and then became a Dictator. To maintain his power he killed anyone who was a threat to his Regime. Remember the SS? Remember the Concentration camps where 6 million Jewish people were murdered? Hitler demanded the loyalty of every including his military or you were arrested by the SS and imprisoned or executed.

At the time Rittenhouse was involved in the riots he was living in Gurnee, IL. The reason you don’t see his posts is the lawyers for this kids defense took it down. The LE already have the evidence.

If you think I should stop watching MSNBC which I only do occasionally you need to start looking at everything and sort through what is fact and what is information portrayed as fact when it being delivered by a Pundit. Shawn Hannity use to be really good at that. He has gone way over the top with spewing completely false information representing it as fact. When it is not.

Howard, half my family were killed innthe camps. Hitler was a socialist. And no rittenhouse didnt live in gurnee. .stop posting here. Youre a liberal troll, your facts are all wrong, and youre irritating.
Now to recap:
Youre wrong about law in highland park.
Youre wrong about everything concerning rittenhouse.
Youre wrong about hitler.

Lastly, no one mentioned sean hannity. Thr facts ofnthe rittenhouse case are all public. He was acquitted. Your side(you are an antifa sympathizer) lost. 2 of your guys got smoked…and the one who lived was arrested on 5 felonies last week. Go away.


I just want you too have the facts. Rittenhouse crossed the border to Kenosha. The only one disputing the fact is you. Not even Rittenhouse’s lawyers. I’m not a Troll. I’m a member of USCCA which is required to be on this site. I’m also an educated man who is able to follow facts and distinguish the difference between fact and political nonsense. That goes for both the right or the left.

What two guys are you referring to and who was arrested on 5 felonies? I never said anything about that? If you didn’t like me mentioning Hannity why did you bring up these 2 people and the one you say was arrested last week?

You say I’m a Troll. I could say the same about you. I don’t because i believe you are voicing your opinion which i believe is deeply flawed. As you no doubt believe my opinions are flawed.


You wrote,

“started out as a Socialist and then became a Dictator”.

  1. So a socialist can’t be a dictator? That would have been news to Stalin and Mao.

  2. You do know that nazi stands for national socialism?

  3. Unless something changed, you absolutely can post here without being a USCCA member.


I appreciate what Nazi means. The fact that Hitler was ordering the SS to rest even Generals who threatened his regime is proof Germany was a Facist State. The same was true for Italy during WWII.

Anybody can post? That seems strange to me. However I am a member of USCCA.

Mathew I was conversing with was arguing that Rittenhouse was living in WI. I said he was living in Gurnee, IL and crossed the border to Wisconsin. He actually came from a neighboring town Antioch, IL. He crossed the border without the rifle.

I for one believe it is important we we are all using facts in our conversations.

Stalin had a purge of his officer corp prior to the war. He had damn near any officer above the rank of major either killed or sent to a gulag. He killed 20 million Ukranian citizens by starvation alone. The list goes on. Mao did every bit of that same killing.

None of that made Stalin or Mao a fascist, as they were both communists as you know. Killing people to ensure his so-called security did not make Hitler a fascist, no more than Stalin and Mao killing millions made them communists

It just made all of them mass murdering scum.

I believe it was Lenin who said that Terror was an instrument of social hygiene.


A form of government in which instead of individual people and companies owning industries, they are controlled by the government itself.

a government organization or group in which absolute power is so concentrated.

You never heard cheering of Sig Heil or Heil Hitler from Stalin or Mao followers. If you crossed Hitler the SS would come. Starving people is not the same as actually ordering someone to be killed. Although the end result is someone is dead.

All right, you are not following my take on this subject. No worries.

I would not recommend becoming a Stalin apologist to prove some inane point about fascism though. Trying to say that 20 million souls slowly starving is somehow better than other forms of mass murder is appalling.

Not to worry though. Lenin, Stalin and Mao killed millions with more directly violent means too. You take it easy and have a great day. I shall not debate you further. Your grasp of history seems to be as suspect as your leftist morality.

You wrote “Starving people is not the same as actually ordering someone to be killed.”

Are you kidding me? 20 million very slowly killed Ukranians surveyed disagree.


Perhaps I tried to make my point poorly. I certainly never meant to suggest that 20m people dying is anyway less appalling. I was only saying that hanging someone, shooting someone or forcing someone a leader would order directly is about keeping power. My Grandfather walked out of Ukraine in the middle of the night as he found out from his neighbor that he was on a list to be executed because he had supported a Russian General’s coup that had just fallen.

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Fill in the spaces

Historians estimate between 2-6 million. Hitler’s henchmen carefully studied Stalin’s manufactured famine, and came up with a scaled up version, so called General Plan Ost, to “eliminate” 30 million Ukrainians. As you can see, a Nazi=Communist where it matters, distinctions are cosmetic.

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I am very glad he got out sir. What an ordeal he survived.

Thank you. He literally walked out with a young wife and a 1 yr old baby, my father. It was 1920

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Amazing. Thank you for sharing that with us.