Highland Park, IL Shooting of July 4, 2022; near Chicago

6 killed, & 31 injured, at an Independence Day parade, 7/4/22.

Initial reports indicated that SWAT teams were going home to home (locally there) in search of the perpetrator. Other local gatherings that day since been canceled.

Kudos to the officers who captured him about 8 hours later. Reports indicated that when in school - he had appeared depressed, he is age 22, a local to the area himself.

The public, first responders, and healthcare workers represented America with pride this special day.

Stay safe.


I am watching coverage on Fox. Synopsis: high powered rifle, high powered rifle, high powered rifle, high powered rifle, high powered rifle, high powered rifle, high powered rifle. Changed the channel due to idiocy flooding from the screen.

Something new to ban? But I though Highland Park already banned everything there is to ban. Maybe the solution is bigger Gun Free Zone signs.


Oh god, now Fox has the congressman on who said: it was a high powered assault rifle.

All these news stations have too much time to fill with little to nothing to fill it. So they bring on every Tom, Dick and Harry to fill it. Fox is moving more left every day.


I will wager a cup of coffee, we will be shown a bolt action deer rifle and a leftist America-hating manifesto.

How are they able to be this precise with age, 18-20? Is this individual known to LE?


Can you say “Gangland”?

Allegedly so far, was a lone gunman.

Reports add a video of the shooting, people running, sound of rapid gunfire, moans of people who were shot; that some overheard the shooter reloading. One father threw his son into a garbage dumpster to shield him.

A rifle was found, along with a ladder leading to a rooftop.

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Noticed that also, plus ex. FBI and “security experts” with stupid opinions.

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Looks like a real winner.


I listened to one of the videos and counted 18 shots in about 10 or 15 seconds,

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Medical case in your opinion, or just an a-hole?

Gut feel, mental health issue. Looking at what he wrote, what he drew, and his picture, this has the look and feel of some sort of psychotic episode. There’s a condition referred to as “prodromal schizophrenia” that starts to show up right around his age range. I wouldn’t be surprised.


Why is it, when gun control laws are on the table we seem to see an increase in these kind of attacks?


Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Is there an uptick in shootings when we start talking about gun control?

Or do we start talking about gun control when there are more shootings?


I start talking about buying more ammo


Yes, I’m not familiar with the sound of an automatic, but a couple of folks mentioned it sounded like it could have been automatic, not a semi, but I defer to those more knowledgeable or experienced. How vulnerable we are in such a position or angle.

Nah, I don’t think it was automatic. Sounded like individual trigger pulls.


I just listened to the audio again. At the start of the clip, it sounds like full auto, although slow. I think we’re hearing individual shots plus an echo. I counted 38 shots.


Remember how our families plan for drills, when at home. Didn’t realize we need drills on how to find safety even when out and about.

Let’s all please do what we can to protect our youth from getting into crisis like the assailant escalated to.

By coincidence, in the ‘snail mail’ today, our company had sent a flyer to all its employees on where to find mental health care.

Maybe. Or maybe it’s someone with evil in his heart with no self control.

“In one song, the suspect wrote: ‘My actions will be valiant and my thought is unnecessary, I know what I have to do, I know what’s in it, not only for me, but for everyone else’.”

  • The Daily Mail
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