Hiding your guns

Remember Katrina? Interesting article…


I’m very torn on this article. It’s advocating illegal behavior. But at the point where that behavior would be needed society would have broken down terribly. Would it be our civil duty to disobey?

A bigger version of civil disobedience as Thoreau discussed it?


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Since Katrina there have been some positive developments. The NRA went to court and got Inmate No. 32751-034 (at the time know as Mayor Nagin) to halt gun confiscations. In 2006 President Bush signed a law preventing that kind of confiscation from happening again during an emergency. That law seems to have headed off a confiscation in the US Virgin Islands in 2017. The NRA is taking a beating in public opinion lately but they really deserve some credit for the part they played in this law.

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There may be a time when good men defy law to keep their rights as citizens under the Constitution. When that time comes, who will answer the tolling of the bell? Hard questions for hard times that I hope I nor my children live to see. There are more thoughts but I think I will keep them to myself.




I too will pass