Help me urgent

If an incident happens before membership but you paid most of your legal fees so far do you think uscca will still help me ? I understand that they say nothings covered if happend before date of membership but I’ve paid most of everything just need a little help now.

If the incident occurred before your membership did, but you are incurring expenses after the event, and after you joined.

That is the gist of what I think you are asking.

If the event happened before you became a member, I doubt that they will help with expenses. Call the membership services # for a better answer or ask @Dawn

I would say no. You can’t get in a car crash and then get insurance, home burn down and then get home owners insurance.

You can’t get sick and then get health insurance, oh wait, the government is forcing the private industry to do this one.

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@Fizbin has the right idea. A USCCA Membership is only able to assist you if you were a member at the time of a physical self-defense incident.

Anthony I feel for you but like others have said, you must have the membership first. I hope other readers learn from your unfortunate experience and purchase their membership ASAP. Good luck my friend.

Don’t beat yourself up…
It took two events in my life to finally get real about putting USCCA in my budget. Although, no foul, no damage and most importantly, no death(s). I do understand “IF” they are crying foul are damage was done and you are without coverage. I sounded just like this on phone with USCCA.

You are in my thoughts @Anthony67