Have to drive as part of your job - what are your challenges?


I’ve talked to a lot of long haul truckers and repair guys who have issues carrying for a number of reasons. What are your biggest challenges and how do you legally get around them?


1st… check the reciprocity agreement before you ever get in your truck with your firearm. 2nd… don’t publicize that you even have a gun to anyone. 3rd… always keep the gun concealed on you no matter what, because if you go to some facilities to pickup they may want to search your truck (with a no gun policy) and if you happen to have it in the truck and they find it you will be kicked off the property and your company will be notified. We know 96% of the trucking companies have a strict “No Gun” policy, so therefore that will cost you a job and possibly a chance of getting a job with most trucking companies if they put you was terminated for carrying a weapon. I carry everywhere I go even if they have a no weapons allowed on their property since mine is concealed and doesn’t print for years and haven’t been caught…yet at least. As for the repair guys I know if they are doing repairs on the inside of the facility they sometimes will do a quick look at the inside and outside of the vehicle from different places I’ve been at and then when you get inside you have to sometimes go through a metal detector and your equipment has to go through a scanner. With that being said I feel they would need a holster attached to the underside of the driver seat or somewhere you can keep the weapon securely hidden in the vehicle.

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I don’t drive for work, but I have an 800 mile drive each way I do a couple times a month (going from where I work to home for a long weekend and back again). My biggest obstacle is Illinois. I spend as little time there as possible, and while transiting through there, I abide by the how-to-transport-while-passing-through laws. Soooooon I should have my Missouri CPL, and I think that will change what I have to do. Looking forward to that!

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Forbidden to carry at work, I drive yes, but I also work in people homes, under them and in attics…

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