Concealed Carry as Truck Driver

I drive a rig for a living, my boss doesn’t seem to have an opinion either way, my question is the legality.
Especially with all the chaos on the streets these days. Drivers are often put unintentionally in questionable situations as we travel from place to place. I’m a 54 year old retired Marine, far from a rookie, but I’m usually strapped outside my home. Opinions are requested.


Legality depends on where you are traveling. Keep the reciprocity link hand.


Thanks for the feedback.

I always have mine in my truck…

Welcome to the party.

Well, there are no laws against a commercial driver carrying… there are state laws and company rules that may impact you, and if you drive through several restrictive states, you might not want to carry.

After leaving the feds, I drove for several years. Most companies that cross many states do not want you to carry, and several customers that you pick up and deliver to will not want you to carry… plus the states like New Jersey or New York, and others…

If you drive local or only in a few states that all allow you to carry, it falls to your boss.

If all else fails… a good tire thumper works well.

Welcome to the family brother and god bless you and thank you for your service.