Carrying over the road as a truck driver

I’m about to get my cdl and I am Curious on the legality of carrying my firearm. I have my ccp and it is valid in most states but not sure if there is a law specifically against carrying as a truck driver.


Welcome to the Community, @Nicholas and congrats on the impending CDL!

Carrying will depend a lot on the company you work for. It is not illegal for you to carry with a CDL in most states - however be sure you’re carrying according to the laws of the states you’re traveling though.

Check out our handy-dandy reciprocity map here:


@Nicholas i own my own truck and carry all the time now. Just be sure of where your going be careful in NY, NJ ,Il some states it’s best left locked up! Good luck on your new career


I gave up my CDL in 2002 so I’m way out of date but double check with an Atty about USDOT reg’s relative to carry.

At one point it was perfectly legal intrastate but you could get in serious trouble hauling interstate.

Yeah, if you carry like I do throughout the whole lower 48 states, you have to think for sure for yourself!!
I’m in a hotel right now in CA and as you know, California (Which I call “Little Hitler-ville”) has only reciprocity with itself!!!
So in states like this you only have two choices, either 1) leave it locked up in a security case, with cartriges/ bullets separate or department in the cab of your truck in the back living area with cartriges/ bullets separated as well, which is constitutionally accepted in every state in the USA… Or
2) Take a chance to conceal in a “Little Hitler-ville” area, if the area, places may have a great chance and possibly dangerous, which is anywhere today!!
I’m here getting Repairs done, so I’m in a so, so hotel, lot’s of trucker’s here doing the same thing as well, but it’s a little shady too, which I figured I would be put in a so, so hotel, so I always carry in these situations cause you never really know or can guess…

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Ahem… I wouldn’t go that far, @Robert33 :thinking: They’ve got a LONG way to go to be Hitler.

I would say the state isn’t 2A friendly / anti-Carry. It stinks that they don’t have reciprocity with other states and that the state doesn’t want you to have the tools that will help you protect yourself in a not-so-nice area.

Do you carry pepper spray, a knife, or any other weapons for your self-defense, @Robert33?

Stay safe out there!

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So just to be clear. You are saying there is no law against carrying as a truck driver ( outside of the fact some states don’t allow it) and as long as I don’t carry in the states that don’t count my ccl I am fine legally speaking.

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You need to be vary aware of the laws in states where you don’t have reciprocity with respect to transporting firearms through the state.

Make absolutely sure that when you cross the state line you are transporting that firearm legally.

In many states that means you will have to store it unloaded, in a locked case you don’t have easy access to and your ammo has to be carried similarly and in a separate locked case in a separate compartment.