Hard or soft holster?


I know people who swear by Kydex holsters and others who swear by sticky holsters. Do you prefer a hard holster or a soft holster? And is it dependent on how you’re carrying (IWB/OWB)?


For me it not only depends on how I am carrying but what I am wearing and what I am carrying.

If it is OWB I am more prone to hard case made for that weapon with more than a snap for retention. IWB will depends on location the gun is in. 4:30 to 7:30 I am more prone to go with a soft case.

9:00 though 3:00 (going clockwise from 9) I have not really done a lot of, until recently I had not found a case I liked for those positions. A friend showed me one he had for those positions and I might give it a try.

For my shoulder rigs, I have never tired a true hard case but might consider it if I found one that I was able to try on and it felt good.

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Hybrids. I like a softer material like leather against my skin, and a hard shell for the gun. It makes reholstering much easier.


No real perfect answer here. If I’m OWB it’s always gonna be a kydex holster, IWB 90% it’s a kydex tho I carry in my truck with a sticky holster so there is the rare occasion I’ll use the sticky holster at 6 o’clock to run into the gas station or store real quick. Usually on my to or from work. I can’t carry at work so I dont bring my holster. The sticky holster keeps the trigger covered and fits great in my lock box.

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You’re right, there’s not going to be a one size fits all. But with different answers people will consider something they hadn’t thought of before.

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I like hard holsters for Glocks, I usually carry a 19. If it doesn’t have a safety or a long hard trigger pull, it’s going in kydex to help and try to prevent a ND.

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I prefer kydex and it does not depend on how I carry. I have owned both iwb and owb, there was no difference.

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I carry owb in winter a 1791 leather holster summer alien gear iwb for my shield 9


Yeah I have a carbon fiber hybrid. I bought it on a whim, turns out to be my absolutely favorite. Good thick leather. It’s banging.recommend it to a friend.


I have both. A Sticky for my Kel-Tec P-11, and a Crossbreed IWB SuperTuk for my Glock 19 Gen 5!


I have a 1791 4 way. The only thing I don’t like is the cant. The pistol is straight up and down. I prefer fbi can’t for ease of concealability. I do carry it daily. It’s easier to get on and off than my hybrid.


I do prefer the Crossbreed though!


I agree completely 45IPAC! My Crossbreed holster is that way.

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