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California is beset by out-of-control wildfires. Each year, it’s threatened by earthquakes and other natural disasters. Nevertheless, the Golden State is home to millions of wonderful individuals who work hard and believe in a nation of laws. Unfortunately, these good citizens have been largely marginalized by some of their state’s politicians. Their rights are being stripped away before their eyes.

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What’s left of the real Americans in that state better make a stand.


Same here in Oregon. The whole freaking state is on fire right now. 3 days ago someone tried to start a fire a mile up the road from me. Get out of the cities and you generally have good folk. Unfortunately 85% of the population is in 3 cities, Portland, Salem and Eugene and they are hyper liberal and control the state like little dictators. LITERALLY making laws the public EXPLICITLY voted against. I do hope people wake up.


There is a huge recall Newsom campaign going on right now.
Much of the State is angry at Gavin and his Aunt Barbara Pelosi isn’t winning any support after the blow out incident at the salon in San Francisco., however what seems to have most Californians angered are the rolling blackouts. That was the impetus behind Gov. Gray Davis’ impeachment.
Newsom is seeing an insurrection of sorts among many Sheriffs and District Attorneys unwilling to waste resources on enforcing Newsom’s “guidelines” while thieves and violent criminals are either cited or shown the revolving door at booking according to Newsom’s social experiment.

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I moved out of California recently and many of my LEO friends left as well. I think people are starting to wake up.

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