Reporter admits 'no California law or proposed reform' would have stopped San Jose shooter. Democrats insist on more gun control anyway


Well, at least there’s one honest reporter left in CA.


the things being done to so many by the politicians and then there is the covid etc…

add in all the woke BS… and IMHO there are many people that are very angry…

perhaps that is what the politicians or someone wants…???

another thing…

has anyone else noticed the shooting and such that SEEM to always start when we have many dems in office???

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It’s funny how perceptions and perspectives differ. The AP article linked in the above says:

He also had 32 high-capacity magazines, some with 12 rounds.

AP seems to be implying that 12 rounds is a way high capacity. I wonder what they’d think about most of the mags some of us here have on our EDC. Probably that we’re all gun nuts, an inch away from becoming completely unhinged.


BINGO! That is exactly how ‘the media’ tries to portray anyone who keeps a gun/guns in their home. According to them we are all fanatical gun nuts who are just one bad day away from shooting up anything we see. It fits their narrative, which is aimed at people too stupid or lazy to think for themselves.


I see a new career in their future.

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