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By population, California is about 12 percent of the U.S. By total area, it is barely 4 percent. It is the center of the U.S. entertainment industry and thus, to borrow from Austria’s 19th century diplomat Klemens von Metternich, when California sneezes, America gets a cold. What happens in the Golden State has repercussions across the continent.

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Superman should have let Lex Luthor develop that real estate.

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The majority of laws like this come from a focus on and anti-gun bias vs statistical data-driven facts. As a community (as in here at USCCA and our local communities) we can drive change through our voices and votes.

We can provide education of how firearms are used to protect self and others combined with actual crime data of firearm-friendly vs gun-free zones we can help drive a change for the good as opposed to reading about what new restrictions are imposed upon us and our brothers and sisters across the country.

As for California and the entertainment industry we can boycott movies, shows, and events hosted by, or starring, any of the anti-gun proponents.

Together we can educate others while helping to make our communities safer.



I am retired from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s department, glad I am retired and now live in Pennsylvania, but I am wondering, when will California politions dis=arm law enforcement officers? Glad I am retired


Looks like there are 3 Democrats in California that need to be voted out and replaced by Republicans that are Pro-Gun and Pro-Concealed Carry!

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