California: Even More Gun Control?

This is my first topic I am posting, please excuse me if I have any errors.

California is pushing the limits of gun control. I would like to introduce this article concerning the AB 2847 bill. Here is the link if you want to read more on the topic. California Eyes Even More Gun Control


Lived there for almost 30 years and finally moved back to Idaho. The state legislature pushes a little more each year to see what they can get away with or they write initiatives worded so confusing that the uninformed voter votes the way the liberals want. (Prop 6 gas tax comes to mind.) Any useful laws that are passed (3 stikes) get so watered down they are useless.

For those living in free states and have no idea how evil the system is, you only need to look up Leland Yee.

Ferdinand1, I like your post. It bothers me to read that some of us live in free states and others not so much. I thought we were the United States not the Divided States. Specifically when we refer to a right not a privilege. How interesting it would be if a bill was sent to Congress that would regulate the freedom of speech or to assemble?

Just a thought.

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California anti-gunners keep chipping away on our Firearm Approved list. They are making our list disappear to nothing by claiming that California firearms must have micro- stamping firing pin capability, which doesn’t exist and if the newer guns don’t have this capability, the gun is demeaned unsafe. I am praying that the courts see right through these bills and laws and the courts say ALL of California’s laws are unconstitutional and toss out all the anti-gun laws. I know this is wishful thinking. Also hopefully all the old and new gun owners see what the California’s politicians are doing by making our state more dangerous (de-funding police) to live in and understand we are our first line of defense…Trump 2020


Q: How does someone in CA buy a water gun from the $$ stores.

A: With a gun license.

This is just NOT a joke as it seems it’s getting that serious out there.
Commie-fornia is losing a large swath of its population each year for over taxing, cost of living, immigration, natural disasters, and especially Because of gun control
Several states have ignored the Constitution in many ways. Toll interstates- highways- bridges- etc are another example. Read the full contents of Article 1
Move to “Free America” and don’t look back. Have in laws out there that have been trying to relocate where I am here because of the same issue reasons I’ve stated.
I’ve visited 4 states I’ll never return and CA is one of them!

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@Aaron40 I am one of those that moved out of that state (California). I was aware of this since back in 1978. Moved to Texas and never went back. Here I joined the U.S. Army and retired here. I appreciate your responses to posts. You bring a lot to this community. Thanks very much.