"Guns do indeed kill people"

There appears to be a lot of misinformation and confusion about this shooting of an 11-year-old boy. It’s tragic and heartbreaking when someone so young is the victim of violence.

Two things really stood out when I was looking at this situation - the complete arrest warrant was posted on the website (WJLA’s article) and the quote at the end of the WTOP.com article:

“Guns do indeed kill people,” D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said over the weekend after McClam’s arrest was announced. “Guns in the hands of the wrong people are deadly and make our neighborhoods unsafe. We cannot wait for another child to fall victim to senseless gun violence.”

What stands out to you about this case?


You are responsible for every single round you send down range. I get tired of the excuse, I didn’t know. Well you didn’t think either.

But if you’re anti gun it’s always the guns fault, when realistically it’s a people problem.

Every adult in this situation acted incredibly irresponsibly and led to a violent encounter that should have never happened. There were numerous chances to stop this and didn’t.


That is so sad for the 11 year old and the family. It appears that the adults here did everything wrong. Terrible judgement.

Stupidity isn’t the guns fault.


How to say this nicely and dispassionately?

Pure partisan anti gun bias on display.

People kill with an almost endless list of tools.

Had he been beaten to death, the person would be blamed.

Had he been stabbed to death the knife would not have been blamed.

Had he been run over the vehicle would not be blamed.

Had he been garroted, the garrote would not be blamed.

Had he been electrocuted, neither the wire, pliers, wire cutters, outlet, or power company would have been blamed.

The list is near endless.


It appears to me that the couple in the car did everything right, they were trying to save an 11yo. The way I read it they acted compassionately to protect a child they didn’t even know from an obvious dangerous and potentially deadly threat.

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Yes, you are right on that. I was focused on the adults who were responsible for causing this escalation, forgot about the good guys.


The only truth is that “Guns in the hands of the wrong people are deadly.”
Just like cars, knives, rocks…