Gun Sweepstakes

I log on,Really for the community. Have picked up interesting opinions and Ideas. Great folks on there. P.S. I never win anything historically


List the winners grouped by states so a member can click on a state & just scroll through the winners in that state rather than the entire list.


Ok, May I ask what benefit you see in a setup like that and how that organization would help you and other members?

After going online to see if I’d won & may have missed the notification, I started scanning. After a couple pages I switched from scanning names to scanning states & after looking at a dozen or more pages said, to hell with it. After thinking about it I feel scanning several pages of names listed by state would be quicker than dozens & dozens of pages for the entire USA. I’m a 75-year-old retired LEO that just beat cancer. I want to use what time I have left on this earth more wisely than scanning 100’s of pages, like riding my Harley.


Congrats on beating your cancer! Hope you have many many more years worth of chances to win the daily giveaway!

I suspect that they will do more than just send one email to try and contact you. I actually got a call (not sure if they sent an email first). But that was a couple years ago maybe even before the gun a day giveaways. Also suspect that if for some reason they can’t connect with a winner that person would not get their name on the winners list. Most giveaways like this make several attempts to contact a winner and if they fail the prize is forfeited or given to another entrant. I also won a fund raising raffle where I got a personal email from an employee saying it was my final chance to claim my prize. Thought it was a scam so called the group directly. Turns out all their other attempted notifications from their regular email address had gone into my junk folder.


I agree with @Rick101 instead of scanning endless list of winners it would be nice to see it by state. I have a reasonable suspicion that most of the winners are selected from targeted regions. I also have a reasonable suspicion that the drawings are merely for advertisement and not actual items/ monetary sums. It is quite amusing that the only thing I have received from uscca is an employment offer via an email although I was never looking nor would I seek employment from uscca. I already struggle with my subscription as the only value i currently see is the insurance and that isn’t very convincing right now. As far the community here goes I have mixed opinions of that.


Using Chrome Browser search the page: I found George 27 times even 1 George P. (not me he is from TX)

There are16 IL if you count Cecil & Neil :rofl: :rofl:

How about a monthly list of recent winners?

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The winner’s list is not designed to be used as a way to see if you won. No winner is added to the list without their consent. If you win, you would be contacted by email.


The insurance is my primary reason for membership. The community and online training (which I can’t really take advantage of due to my horrible internet) are side benefits.

It was an add for the giveaways that originally drew me to check out the USCCA so I’m sure it is effective advertising for them. Winning the giveaway was a very pleasant surprise. It was a few years ago for me. Back then they sent a PSA gift certificate for the value of the gun. Now I believe they just send a check for the value that you can spend however you want. I’m sure they target their advertising but I can’t imagine any benefit to targeting winner locations.

I’m not willing to do the math on the odds of winning if you enter every day for a year. I’m sure they are pretty small. But significantly higher than winning the lottery and the entries are free:)