Anybody won any of the daily contests?

Just curious as to how many people have actually won anything from the daily contests. I really want to win one!

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Welcome to the community Ryan! There have been a couple of threads on this very topic where several members here have shared our experiences of winning the daily giveaways. Myself included:) Good luck!


There’s a new rule that was recently approved. First gun winners are required to give to me.


LOL well shoot looks like a win win for you then!

Awesome! Well congrats on your win that is so cool I would be floating above the clouds! How do I find the thread you mentioned? Sorry I am new

I would say try the search feature but I had to try multiple phrases just to come up with a couple hits. Here is one:

I’ve started tagging the threads from people who post about winning a USCCA contest. The tag title is USCCA Winner. You should be able to search on that. And I do know I’ve missed a few, so don’t hesitate to let me know and we’ll add the tags to those threads when we find them!

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You have a daily contest?

Sometimes… :smiley: Check your dashboard:

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(Yours won’t say Dawn :wink: )

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Yeah, I won technically last April and it was a welcome surprise.

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