Has anyone won two (2) guns in the USCCA give away?

Just curious … :rofl:

On “the list” it looks like I might of won one time, but missed the notification. What are the odds I might win again and this time I am diligent checking USCCA emails.


Make it more spicy…
Don’t check emails now and let see if you can win 3 times… :wink:


You are a funny guy my friend :+1:

Maybe I will try that, my luck can’t get any worse :upside_down_face:


I’ve been logging in everyday for years and still have not won the first time.


I won a daily drawing in January. Just make it a habit to log in daily.

As for the winners list, I checked it daily for months after I won. My name never appeared and the list never seemed to change.


Welcome to the community, Darrell!


Congratulations! What did you win? What has been your experience with the gift?

So, I’m curious, with all of today’s technology, we can’t distribute the list alphabetically or by state :question:


I have never won, but just went through the disorganized list again. I would like to say congratulations to all of the winners with my first name, which is not that common .

And I strongly agree with @Scott52 , an organized list would be nice. I would say “more” organized but that would infer that some degree of organization existed. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You don’t get the guns listed on the home page when you win. You get a check for the listed amount.


If you look at the first and last names on the winners list, they never change. I’ve called in twice plus emails.
Mikayla K responded, I assure you that there are winners picked everyday! I was also in contact with Israel Bost, who said he would look into that and get back with me, and that was on March 28th. I’m beginning to wonder about the validity of the whole organization. If I don’t see a change soon, I will not be renewing my yearly subscription in July.

I’m not USCCA paid Member and I did win a knife 2 or 3 years ago.
That is the reason I won’t renew my yearly subscription. :wink:

Yes, there have been winners of the “gun a day” multiple times

There is also at least one individual who calls daily that has had multiple family members win

I’d REALLY like to win (1) GAT, just once. I deserve this.
DIAMONDBACK SDR .357 would be acceptable
SA Hellion ?
Barrett (ANY)?

Askin’ for a friend…

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I would be happy with a Savage BA110 .338 LM

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