Gun Owners defend Seattle Police Chief

This looks like one of the better examples of deterrence coming out of the protest/riot environment.


@Harold26, Doesn’t it seem that if they were protesters, then you would not have to defend anything from them. I would say they are rioters and criminals. What do you think?


The major point was that they went to a residential neighborhood to protest at the police chief’s house, and the neighbors were out making sure that’s all they did. The chief’s house wasn’t even in the same county as Seattle, let alone in Seattle itself. But the point is that the neighbors did a show of force to make sure the protestors staid purely protestors, not rioters. They didn’t brandish or other questionable behavior, they were just visible armed. And then the issue that going to someone’s home is not acceptable. Keep the protests to public areas.


Again, one guy with a gun…

Food for thought for the rest of the infected or afflicted localities.

Unfortunately this will not end well. At some point someone will pull the trigger and there will be lives lost and there will be video showing the wrong of both sides but only one will be reported. It is only a matter of time before the tactics change on the rioter’s side where they will assemble en mass and “something” will happen that causes an armed response from the "other side’, sacrifices will be made for the good of the cause (a wonderful line that inhabits the halls of all terrorists)

It will be portrayed in the media as right wing hate groups, vigilantes or mebby they will come up with a new word but the rioters and inciters of destruction will be shielded from their actions. Then we will hear the wailing of mothers that Bobby, Johnny , Ken, Barbie, Biff and Buffy “Were good college students that felt it was their civic duty to protest under the 1st amendment and the fascist elite home owners gunned them down in cold blood.”

I hope I’m wrong or at least not next.




That’s one for the books!
Didn’t Sun Tzu say that!


Not today,snowflake