Gun Inventory

Thanks to everyone that replied to my post! There were lots of good suggestions. I’ve begun making an Excel spreadsheet with columns for much of what was mentioned here.

I’m also making a folder for receipts and manuals for each firearm. I may add a photo of each gun to the spreadsheet, but I first must find the “Round Tuit” I seemed to have misplaced.


It sounds like you’re on it, Ken. I use the spreadsheet method. My insurance and I have a decades long relationship. We’re not trying to harm each other. I do keep pics of all from multiple angles, including the s/n. If I need them, I’ll have them, but no ned to share with anyone unless needed.


Just be aware that most (all as far as I know) homeowner’s policies have pretty small limits on payout for firearms or other “sporting equipment”. If you have more than a very few firearms you’ll need additional coverage to be sure they’re replaced in the event of a catastrophic type loss (fire, etc.). Check with your insurance agent for your coverage limits. From what I’ve seen those “standard” coverage limits will typically run from $2,000 to $3,000. YMMV


For sure and Excel is probably better for those with a sizeable collection. I just find Word to be temperamental. :smiley:


Yep. Been trying to get myself to get this done and for no other reason then insurance and inheritance reasons.


This is very true. I had to pay for an additional rider to my policy. I couldn’t afford the rider to fully replace all of my firearms. So I tried to hit a place where it was a happy medium.

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