Do you use gun logs,record books or registries,manual or electronic

  1. for insurance,or theft,or just record keeping- do you keep gun logs,record books or electronic app record books on your phone.

  2. if your record book is on your phone and or shooting records,are you intent on making it public information?

3)phone electronic records are convienent but accessable to all Hacking,LEO, young snoopers that have passwords you didn’t know they got.

4)Manual ownership or range result records take time and thought to fill out,a secure place to keep,that others may not have physical access to in an emergency

What do you use if any and why.

  1. example all of your weapons are in a new family trust, you are hurt ( unrelated) folks come to help you,and tell the police on seen, they are afraid because of all the weapons or gear they saw,out of an abundance of desire the officers take all your weapons. ( Your hospital stay is a month) the kids can’t track or retrieve- without court)

you phone is hacked and all your info copied,you now are being targeted for theft,or confiscation.

Neither one of the above is right or particularly legal, in one your records are electronic,in one manual but filed,it could also have just been a manual record book no one. Had access to? Or you may not have receipts any more it’s been a few years

Which do you use or believe in,why? What aid is given by this type of record when you need it. How long are you disarmed for?

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I keep a written list of make, model, caliber and SN of each firearm along with a memory stick with pics of each firearm w/SN showing. I keep the list in a small fire proof safe(keep my fingers crossed on that). This is for insurance purposes in case of fire or theft, firearms are covered under house contents in my policy. Otherwise nothing special. :wink:


Have you considered making a duplicate of that memory stick and giving it to a friend or family member for safe keeping?


I have a spreadsheet and my insurance company has a list as well. State Farm uses a 3rd party company and for $125 a year I am covered for damage, loss or theft. That’s about 10K in coverage. (yes I have that much!)

Being from NY, I can’t use the NRA insurance.


I keep paper records, in a fireproof safe.


I have but I am not sure who I would trust to keep it. :pensive:

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I have mine stored in an encrypted list my make/model/SN on my iPhone. I also have a list in my home safe.


I think that thinking that someone wants your Excel logs is reeeealy big brother. I keep logs for everything.

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As an fyi if your using encryption,you might consider a blackphone2 this an unbreachable phone,compartmentalized in ways most phones do not even know of or think to consider.

Paper records might consider keeping an atf record card giving to wife or child,or someone semi trustable in a sealed envelope inside of a sealed envelope appropriately marked.

Insurance just make sure you have enough,in some cases make sure your glass is so covered. A 4000 dollar rifle with a 5000 dollar scope is 9000 or a couple of pistols with modified triggers,specialized barrels,in some cases optics could get up to 2-3000 a peice… therefore insuring when your equipment gets covered is important,and remember some ancillaries like kestrel meters etc or what might be kit related,including medical ( if you are above an ifak)



Excellent reminder!

My insurance policy is a full replacement. All of my optics are listed as on a firearm if they are and included in the price as are any modifications, trigger etc. I have a 10-22 that doesn’t even resemble the original except for the receiver. Everything is swapped out. That $199 rifle is now a $700 rifle.


I don’t own anything worth $9Gs, including my car!

I genuinely believe that i’m not a person anyone is after. I never cared when they wanted to tap everyone’s phones, and I certainly don’t care about someone seeing a log for something that might not even be mine. this feels a step (or three) too far! There are far more important things to worry about, at least for me. (Don’t even get me started on the oil filter log or the valve shim adjustment log! lol)

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Electronic. I am a solid believer in the 3,2,1 principles of backup.

  • At least 3 copies
  • At least 2 different mediums (hard drive, cd, cloud, paper, etc)
  • At least 1 off site

I do this for all records, not just firearms. If someone gets access to it, someone having a list of what firearms I owned (not anymore since that horrible boating accident) is towards the bottom of my list of concerns.



I do exactly what Bruce does but I keep a copy at our bank in a safety deposit box. But I have all big ticket items on it.

Our house was built in the 70’s and the 1st homeowner was a real diy guy (he was terrible at it).


A hard copy list with all pertinent gun info is in the safe, with a duplicate in my daughter’s safe, just in case.