Grandfather of Oklahoma teen killed by homeowner in burglary says AR-15 made

What I can’t understand that when someone breaks the law causing someone to be in fear of their life, the news media seems to always side with the perps family to help sue the defender. When will the people stand up and say they had enough. When I was a youngster it was you do the crime you do the time, so I think the Grandfather should asked himself what went so wrong in being his grandson up to cause him to be involved in a break in that cause the end of his life. I was taught to understand what you do may have good or bad so what ever it is you still have to face the music.


When I look at some anchors and celebs speaking, I sometimes wonder if this guy or girl witnessed a rape, would they run to help… the criminals to hold down the victim.


Armed men breaking into a house, brass knuckles and knives, are there prepared to do harm to the family of that home. The homeowner can’t know what concealed guns or other weapons the thugs have. In this case the rifle made it a fair fight. The family grieves, and I mostly feel for the parents. One wonders what kind of parents they are, though.

Hi Alexander8
I know what you mean, they are the ones that would turn and run at any violence so they can make up the situation to there taste. Hope you have a good evening.

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Sorry about the loss of life.

Teach your grandchild to respect others and be responsible for their own actions. Don’t do the crime and you won’t pay the consequences. When people break into your home, you do not have to take a beating because it isn’t fair to defend yourself or other persons with deadly force. What is fair about 3 ARMED teenagers attacking one older person?

Do you really support the second amendment? It does not give a right to citizens, it places a limit on the authority of the government to deny rights. Read the actual text.

OK, I guess if I were in such a situation I should tell thugs to go home and come back better prepared and we could meet out in the street at high noon. Think that would satisfy CNN?


Nope… the only way to satisfy CNN is to let the thugs kill you…

And they’ll want to break the story.

They won’t break a story of thugs killing an innocent man in his home, but they will extensively cover the opposite.