Good guy successfully defends...In LA no less!

Don’t know yet about his legal status, but he’s alive!


Some thoughts

  1. Outstanding result
  2. The cynic in me wonders how he is to be afforded the privilege of carrying a concealed gun in L.A. I hear that is nearly impossible to come by…talked to many a person there who can’t get a carry permit. (permitless carry would of course fix this…)
  3. Yet another example of a defender drawing on a drawn gun and prevailing. This seems to happen a lot more often than one would think.
  4. Don’t talk to police or news or anyone else until you’ve spoken to your attorney about it first (not saying he hasn’t, but, with his words being spoken to the media mere days after, it makes me wonder how much attorney involvement he has)
  5. He took decisive action. If you’re going to act, act, proven once again
  6. Another scenario in which concealed carry seems to have the advantage over open carry. I can’t imagine he’d have been able to stuff them and shock them into flight quite the same if they’d seen an openly carried pistol on his hip a couple seconds earlier as they were approaching
  7. Keep your head on a swivel, even inside your gated front yard at what looks like a very expensive property. Head down to get your keys out in a fatal funnel doorway is a terrible place to get guys with guns showing up touching your back seemingly before you notice…and they can appear in seconds.

I’m of the impression that LA County isn’t 2A-friendly but for his sake, hope I’m wrong.

We just can’t live in denial. There is evil in the world and we have to be careful and ready.


It looks like he has airpods in his ears. That explains why he didn’t hear someone running up on him.


Seems that in this case the man was on his own property so the even if he wasn’t licensed to carry the DA would have to prove he was carrying the firearm before he got on his property. Although this could be an Apartment or HOA property where his rights might end the second he steps out his front door?

Seems he had little choice but to draw on the drawn guns since compliance would mean letting the attackers inside with his family. Throwing his drink at them was a good distraction. It likely took their eyes off his hands for a vital second or two.


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I am not a fan of earbuds because of this reason. It seriously takes away from your situational awareness. I will occasionally use them when doing monotonous work in the desert where I can see what’s coming from a ways away and there is t much happening nearby but I only put them in one ear so I can use the other to hear someone approaching or the buzz of a rattle snake.


DA has to be out of their mind (Gascon could be out of his mind, ok)
if this case doesn’t fall under self-defense.

…anything I’m holding at the time

I play that in my head when I’m in a spot where trouble could erupt without any warning.


That is why I keep a money clip in my pocket with some cash and a card in it. I am more than happy to comply with a demand for my money. Hopefully them seeing what they want coming their way will give me the time I need to flee or fight.


I carry a fake wallet now. I keep my valuables in a lower not readily noticeable inside my pants pocket.


The money clip is what I actually use to pay for everything so if a thief was watching me pay they would only see the clip. My wallet with most of my cash and IDs etc only comes out in my car if I need to add more cash to the clip before going into a store.


Hello and welcome @Michael1809


I always look for details in such videos, something that makes me think what might be done better, meaning - let’s check what mistakes were done and how to avoid them.

So, I didn’t find anything wrong, perhaps only one small thing - his grip fell apart after each shot.
Did it change the final result? Perhaps not, but we can see how important is to practice, pay attention to details, correct them and practice again, until no mistakes in shooting technique are present.
It is so easy to lose “perfection” if it is not engraves in your system.


I noticed that too. Grip looked really bad, to the point I’m surprised he didn’t cause a stoppage early on with his off thumb.

Also, generally looking at a situation like this, gotta keep in mind when to shoot and when to stop shooting.

Probably want to get in the habit of moving, get out of that funnel, don’t open the door to the house yet, get to cover, just move


I saw that too. He threw his drink, in slow mo his hands were wet, soaked, couldn’t get a grip in this panic situation. Second, I believe he is one very lucky guy. The assailant seems to have shoved his gun into him, he pulled the trigger but the gun was out of battery. As he backed up he tried to fire again, then you seem to see his other hand come up to try to clear the gun as he turned to run. It’s all fuzzy but this appears to me what happened. Regardless. ABC. Always be carrying.


I can’t tell if he actually tried to pull the trigger or not. Looks like his intent was to stick the gun in the home owners back to give commands but he then got surprised by the drink coming his way.

Though I do agree the home owner was really lucky because the attacker could have just as easily pulled the trigger (intentionally or with an unintentional flinch) and not missed or had an out of battery failure to fire.

One thing my Krav instructor points out is that when caught by surprise from behind with a gun he would actually prefer to have it stuck in his back because then he knows exactly where it is when he decides to turn and redirect the barrel. It looks like the homeowner did actually bump the pistol away from him when he turned to throw his drink but I’m not sure if that was intentional or just a lucky coincidence.


He’s lucky to get out of that narrow space alive and unscathed.

A cup of freshly brewed coffee is a defensive weapon.
I consciously hold my coffee mug with my right hand to keep my left (shooting hand) free to draw.


I’m always interested in the theories on which had to carry things in.

I always remembered thinking: Carry things in your support hand, so that your primary/gun had is free. And that made sense to me.

But then John over at ASP (active self protection) said to carry in your gun hand…reason being, you “know” a lot better to drop what is in that hand when you go to grab something with that hand. However, if you have something in your support hand, you are more likely to continue holding it and end up trying to use that second hand on the gun with the item still in it.

Evidence #1: A video ASP uploaded of a cop with cell phone in his off hand. He came under fire, drew, and engaged in a gunfight with his cell phone in his left hand the whole time.

Evidence #2: Somewhere in the protector academy on the uscca website, there is a training scenario where guy has a “present for his wife” in his off hand, and he draws and fires his sim gun in the scenario…and he is sitll holding that present in his left hand at the end.

So now, I am unsure


I do the same, just a different hand but the same intent. I walk between my wife and the road and keep my right hand clear. We will be walking and because we we have done it so long she just goes there. I’ve even told her, “if it even remotely looks wrong, get behind me. I’m meant to be a bullet sponge for you”.


It’s called multitasking :wink:
Seriously now, I mentally practice dropping what I’m holding so I could draw efficiently.
I do it as I approach the front door with grocery bags, the car with my man-purse, etc. Mostly though, I picture throwing what’s in my hand as a weapon or distraction.


Do you have a code word for trouble?