Another self defense incident that should not have had to happen

This is why we carry.


I carry to save lives. I don’t carry to shoot people that deserve to be shot. That’s just me. Not saying I won’t have done the same thing. Just saying that’s not why I carry a gun.


In this case the victim tried to comply by handing over his wallet. Then the violent criminal was patting down the victim which would have given him access to the victim’s firearm. The report also says that the criminal’s firearm malfunctioned meaning that he likely tried to shoot one or both of the victims.

It seems clear to me the victim was desperately trying to save the life of himself and his friend, not trying to shoot someone who “deserve to be shot”. But there is no doubt in my mind that every minute this clearly violent criminal spends behind bars is saving the lives of future victims.


So what are you saying? The thug was commiting armed robbery. The CPL holder had every reason to fear for his life. The felon was patting him down. What if the robber had found his pistol? What might have happened then? To him, to someone else?

You make it sound like he shot the guy for sport. Did you read the article?


I think we were typing at the same time. Lol


I saw yous guys had replies but after I wanted to edit mine. Your to fast for me.


Comes across more reasonably with the edit. Though I would add that sometimes good guys may be forced to shoot someone who deserves to be shot in order to save a life. They can do so legally and with a clear conscience if the deserving party is presenting an imminent threat of death or severe bodily harm. Which is pretty clear in this case.


If you are referring to the article… that’s the reason why we carry. :neutral_face:
What would be the other reason for carrying the firearm if you won’t be using it in the situation described?

Every action done by CPL holder is exact example of what the firearm usage for self defense is.

  1. recognize the potential threat
  2. deescalate the situation
  3. use deadly force as the last resort
  4. counter attack when you can
  5. comply with LEOs

Here we go again.

It’s simple.

We learn it as kids.

You do something wrong,
you deserve whatever punishment is coming your way.

Self-defense isn’t wrong.


in this specific incident - did it help? So, the defender didnt deescalate anything, it wasnt even a conflict, he failed to recognize a predator and sent a signal of weakness, endangering himself more, not less.

Not saying, I would do better in his shoes. Not saying not to deescalate a conflict.


I don’t like discuss other’s actions… this is totally personal and dependable of circumstances. however it this case he did deescalate the situation by not drawing the handgun at first place. His friend gave up the wallet, he still did not draw the firearm.
Deescalation it not only lowering the adrenaline level or talking issues out… it’s also “doing nothing” to not escalate it more.


It’s not that I wouldn’t be using it in this situation. It is just not the reason I carry one. If a young man pointed a water pistol at me and I didn’t know it was a water pistol I would use deadly force. That is not why I carry a gun. The reason I carry a gun is to save lives. Just my 2¢

Isn’t that what the defender was doing? Saving his and his friend’s lives?


I don’t even think we’re discussing the right things here. We’re arguing for nothing.

But nobody’s going to talk about how dude seen a man outside with a ski mask on, and you still decide to go in the store???


Point taken.

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The lesson I learned is if someone is following you and you suspect they are up to no good to confront them right away or as soon as possible. Don’t wait until one gets himself in a confrontational situation. If the person was not up to no good; no harm no foul. If they are up to no good, you just avoid a violent situation. If one called the police the perp.would have hopefully gone to jail for having a gun.
Edit I have no problem if someone confronts me if they think I am up to no good. I encourage it.

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Yes but you didn’t say that until now. So I did.

Still don’t understand the argument… :neutral_face:


Yes but I do it legally.

Perhaps, but, self defense isn’t doling out punishment. If you are shooting somebody because you consider it to be a punishment, that’s probably wrong/illegal/you in trouble.

One of those “might be semantics, might be a big deal actually” things