Glock switched

Question for all of you Glock guys. Am I mistaken or have these switches been out for 15 plus years? Why all of the sudden are these all over the news now as a new thing? Thanks Glock guys.


I believe it was because of them being sold on WISH a while ago.


Thanks for the why. I did some more looking and found a guy from I think Venezuela made it in 1987. But the wish thing makes sense that they have become popular.


If, and that’s a big If, I wanted something close to a switch it would be a


I have no idea why they seemingly become so much more common over the last few years-ish.

Could be some illegal channel started pumping them through when they hadn’t before. Could be social media’s influence of making potential buyers more aware of them. Maybe that wish website (so happy I’ve never ordered anything to be delivered from there) I see referenced from time to time got them out there.

Maybe they have been out all along but now that media/social media tells us about it we are just realizing ourselves?

Yeah IDK


I’m just not that interested in the fire on release triggers. I like my firearms to fire when I pull the trigger and stop firing when I release the trigger.

I wouldn’t want a situation where I carefully focused on my follow through to make a precise shot and then have to figure out after that intense moment how to keep the firearm from firing a second shot when I let go of the trigger. It just doesn’t seem like the safest of operating systems to me even if it can increase the speed of follow up shots.


Would this release trigger modification to my Glock become a legal complication if one is required to defend one’s self after shooting another individual?


I would say it would definitely be brought up in your case. With the old argument that you couldn’t wait to try it out


temu, wish, and the rise of 3d printing are the major culprits. Most people didn’t even know what they were until a couple years ago when the news media decided they needed to bring them to everyone’s attention. Then Temu and Wish both jumped on the bandwagon of making and funneling them into the US illegally. They were originally created to be able to convert standard 17s into a machine pistol configuration similar to the 18c without major slide modifications required to fit the 18C’s internal disconnect mechanism.

I’ve long been of the opinion that the CCP have been pushing them through temu and wish to further generate discord in the CONUS to destabilize us internally, by promoting gang violence in a 6th gen social warfare. just like they’ve been funneling Fentanyl precursors and reagents into Mexico for a decade to feed the cartels who have been creating and funneling it into the US to create the next drug epidemic.