Glock 19 Gen 4 vs gen 5

I have an opportunity to purchase another Glock 19 and it’s gonna happen. The only dilemma I’m having is what gen to get. I have a gen 4, is the gen 5 that much better of a gun to not have the ability to interchange parts. I’ve built a pretty good supply of replacement parts for the Gen 4.

Looking for pros and cons of going with the gen 5, :side note the price difference is only $15 so that’s not gonna sway the decision


The upgraded internals and beveled mag well would push me to the Gen 5. Being a Glock, the after market will more than make up for the lack of interchangeability with the previous generations.

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Be sure to feel around on one. I hate that half moon cutout at the front of the grip. I like the feel and trigger on a gen 5,but I’ll probably buy a MOS 19 just to get rid of the cutout.

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