Glock 19 gen3 vs gen4 vs gen5?

Curious on the main differences b/n the Glock 19 generations. Looking to purchase soon.


Here is a 20 minute video of differences including an unboxing of them by MarksmanTV to get the thread started:

“## Glock 19 Gen 5 vs Gen 4 vs Gen 3“

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Brick 3, brick 4, brick 5.

Brick 3 and 4 are more blockier, and have finger grooves. Brick 5 is blocky with rounded off edges on the front and no finger grooves.

I personally hate the finger grooves. What’s funny is many people say they prefer gen 3, or gen 4. I really think the gen 5 is the best of all, but the differences are minuscule.

If your a lefty you want the gen 5 for sure.

The biggest issue with the gen 5 ive seen is John Lovel having issues with slide release engaging due to his grip. I personally don’t have that issue with the gen 5s. Honestly, I think the finger grooves are the biggest difference.

I believe gen 4 and gen 5 have a “dual action recoil spring” or something like that. Gen 5 has backstrap options. The gen 5 is a really slick looking gun.


My knowledge of Glock is limited… but here’s my understanding. Gen 1,2, and 3 have many compatible parts. Gen 4 has a couple different parts then the previous gens (plus finger grooves). Gen 5 is the newest iteration and therefore parts should be relatively easy to get.

I think you’ll find that all gens are good guns… although I don’t know what they did to stop the empty shells to the forehead for some early Gen 4’s.

I don’t know which gen 5’s have the cutout at the bottom of the grip and which ones don’t.


So does the Gen 4.
I sanded off the finger grooves on mine, feels much better.


If you have and like Gen 3, then stick with that or get Gen 5
If you have a Gen 4, then no need to do anything, you are good.
If you are new, get Gen 5.

I really did not like the Gen 3 guns, for various reasons. I own several Gen 4 guns, and I do like them quite a bit. Currently see no need to get Gen 5, for me anyway.