Gen 5 Glocks

I recently shopped their site - I have to admit I was impressed by these particular models, especially on the grip-size adjustments. Glock claims they’ve made 20 changes on this design - any comments out there?

I’m not a Glock fan and don’t like shoot them. But I’m very impressed with their handgun’s line.
This is the manufacturer who cares about the Customers and listen them.
I haven’t been aware about 20 changes, but the most important for me was adding front serrations to the slide and make slide stop/release ambidextrous. I like the trigger pull in Gen5, feels a little lighter.
I don’t like Gen5’s grip. In my opinion Gen4 grip was better and nicer to grasp.

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A glock is a glock is a glock. They are super reliable.

The modifications across generations are externally usually pretty small. The Gen5 notable changes are removing finger grooves and the front slide serrations (as @Jerzy notes). If you like previous generations, you’ll probably like the new generation too.

Common complaints are a lackluster trigger and the grip angle. There are a ton of glock users that it isn’t an issue for. Because of their popularity, pretty much any accessory you can think of has a Glock version.

Couldn’t comment. Here in California we are only allowed gen 3.:rage:

I owned and tried to love EVERY generation of Glock and failed miserably… UNTIL recently I fund the 43X and now I’m in love. Since I got that gun my 1911s are mighty lonely…

I just bought 3 Glock 44s (.22 version of the 19) to use personally for training and as training “loaners” and I am REALLY impressed with those guns!!!