George Floyd Trial

I hope that all of you have taken at least a casual interest in this. This could result in a truly hot summer for 2021. You can catch live testimony on Court TV. Ever since the Rodney King incident, I’ve been concerned at the lack of professional behavior police have exhibited from time-to-time, displayed by the abundance of caught-on-camera videos we can access. Are they peace officers, or rogue cops, tempermentally unsuited for their jobs?

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Minneapolis PD has a problem. Remember when Australian woman was shot by the publicity hire cop a few years back?


Guilty or not there will be riots. Rioters don’t need a good excuse.


Agenda much?

That’s such an emotionally loaded reply there @KURT17 ? Million plus LEO present in our country. The vast majority of which do a dirty and thankless job. Then get vilified for doing said job. I haven’t had an interaction with a police officer, that I did not initiate in 20+ years. Here’s a hint, on how not to have a negative interactions with LEO’s. Itss not my white privilege, its not that my wife and I make them dinner on holidays, or the facts that I support that thin blue line.



I do unfortunately, I have lead foot syndrome.
I get pulled over once a year at least and always get off. When they approach the car I comply and after they get the paperwork I aggravate the crap out of them with general chit chat and joking around. They always just hand the stuff back laughing at me :grin:


Bad cops, of course, bad people, for sure. So keep the good ones. Seems simple enough to me. Leos have a tough job, no doubt. Tired of all the whiners. Have to tell you this is not on the top of my list.


Nope. Not watching the farce of a trial. George Floyd is dead, he’s not on trial. I am looking for an acquittal on any murder charges. Serious and Willful Misconduct by the Officers for sure. This trial and charges are politically motivated so therefore null and void.


I’m a Texan. Cops here are tough as road rash if you “F” with them or speak to them with disrespect.

I’m used to addressing them as “Sir” or “Madame”. I comply with every request they ask of me.

And, here’s the result…I’VE NEVER BEEN ARRESTED…PERIOD in now almost 69 years of life. And, there were times they could have done so.

Try it. You might save yourself a lot of trouble by just treating cops with the respect they deserve.


It’s nice driving off with a warning because you decided to help with the situation versus intentionally being a d1ck.
It’s not that hard.


That is a good clue!


Respect and compliance works.


In addition to CourtTV (website, app, TV) coverage, Andrew Branca of Law of Self Defense is doing a daily summary on his website. He did a very good summary of the Zimmerman trial way back and is doing the same here.

I can tell you that in the first week of an estimated 4 week trial there is already a lot of info presented as evidence that is not commonly known by many people.

As I’m not a lawyer, I don’t know that evidence presented is enough to provide reasonable doubt or not… but I would say we should all be aware of the potential for angry riots after this verdict comes down.


Unrelated to Mr. Floyd, R.I.P. I have family members whose occupation is LEO.

I had once heard that many professions or occupations have by far, good people working, but that many occupations have a few who have acted unethically; That no profession is immune.

I appreciate that in “our community”, we respect the LEO profession, and at the same time - hold them in high regard and expect good conduct. I think it’s noble when someone can learn and become better from their mistakes.

I’ve seen some training videos which point out, that if we as civilians ever encounter a LEO who we think is not acting professional toward us, that the worst possible time to complain is then and there; Cool heads prevail. If one felt treated wrong, take it up later officially, no need to argue or act out in the moment; that’ll only make it worse for you. I’ve had this experience. :innocent:


I have no idea how this will turn out. However, this technique should never be allowed except in a self defensive last choice. Maybe they didn’t have a choice. I don’t know. Floyd seemed to be a real piece of work that should have spent his life behind bars if not for other but for himself. I don’t think this cop should be found guilty of murder but guilty of stupidity. Strong words Zi know. Police officers have a thankless job at times like these. I wish everybody well. I’m glad I’m not a juror.


I doubt it. The moment they replaced the R sign with the D sign the society had become more just and equitable. A riot would put peaceful (mostly :fire:) protesters next with them bad insurgantors, and that cannot happen. I’ve been wrong before though.

I wish there was a way to give more than one thumbs-up to that! So true!
That’s worked well for me: don’t break the law, be respectful, and be grateful for all that they have to put up with and the hard decisions they have to make. I’ve only been pulled over once (I was learning to drive, and was going too slow in the left lane because nobody would let me over :grinning: ). There is evil in every occupation, but people also need to remember the incredibly difficult decisions that officers have to make. Innocent until proven guilty applies to everyone.


Well said problem solved


George Floyd is dead because of George Floyd…
Was Excessive Force used?
I tend to think so…
But George Floyd is dead because of George Floyd…


Have someone kneel on YOUR neck for almost 10 minutes - once detained, cuffed, and subdued, all they had to do was have Floyd sit on the curb, cross his ankles, and relax. A clear case of abuse of what should have been a live prisoner - all brought about by a $20 counterfeit bill. If you’ve never seen it, watch the Rodney King beating video - the trial was a crock!


No doubt people will have different opinions.