Criminals and protests

I hope everyone remembers that the whole reason George Floyd was eaten detained in the first place is he had just committed a crime and had to be physically removed from his vehicle as he did not want to depart it willingly. When is it OK in this world to honor and memorialize a criminal. He has a criminal past and I’ve and until the point of his death a criminal present. I’m so sick and tired of everybody getting upset over wrongdoings by memorializing and holding up people who committed crimes. None of this would’ve happened if the guy was just living his life and being a good person.

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…it’s more complicated than that. It became more complicated when a cop killed him.


Unfortunately some people made this complicated…
Murder is murder. No matter what. But it is not a reason to destroy America’s image as the Nation and the Great Country of Opportunity. (this is what I remembered living in Europe).

I’ve been always told - Law above Everything. Murder will be prosecuted, unfortunately World never forgets last weekend when innocent people were not able to defend themselves in the name of the Law :anguished:


I understand that and I fully feel all the officers involved should definitely be facing murder charges and or accessory to murder charges but, and this is important, the fact remains that would’ve been no murder or anything if a, he would have not been committing a crime and B, not originally resisted arrest. The fact that everybody is holding him up as some sort of martyr is wrong. Unless of course the world has become such a place or criminals are who we should idolize.

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I agree, these should be handled differently by Officers… and I meant only last few minutes, when he told them " I can’t breath"… perhaps they should believe in those words?

Anyway, I was not there, so hard to discuss what had been done correctly, what hadn’t.
But it was not a reason for more aggression, especially against people, who had nothing to that situation.

Even I was scared and had to change work hours to stay home just in case:


I don’t have words to comment this… :zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face:

If that’s for real, I have a few words.
All my guns are loaded
I will never let the muzzle cover anything I don’t need to destroy
My finger is off the trigger til I have you in my sights
I will be damn sure of my target and what’s beyond it, beside it and all around it.


I think now is a good time to re acquaint ourselves with “Principles of Personal Defense” -Jeff Cooper
Principle one- Alertness


Personally, I don’t think it is about Mr. Floyd. I think he was just the flashpoint, the straw that broke the camel’s back if you will. There are those who believe Mr. Floyd to be a marty. I believe he’s dead. I believe he lost his life unnecessarily. It seems some folk believe that his criminal background justified his death- in that moment. I disagree with that. I think the whole judge, jury, & executioner aspect of these situations are what bother so many people.

If the BLM quote or snapshot on @Jerzy post is real, that proves what I have believed about them from the start. As far as how folk respond… It is what it is. Folk love lies rather than truth! This is the BEGINNING OF THE END!


The quote WAS REAL. These were found last weekend on social media:

Unfortunatly this is an old story. If he hadn’t then there would be no reason for them to even be there.
While I stand for Law and Order at this time I must side with the video, any way you look at this story it was a “Reason” for riots. I hope the riots will at least have people talking about the problems. For almost four years we have had a President “Ham Stringed” and he has to run the country by himself. No help has been given. I don’t know how to help President Trump. In my opinion this President has been the most forthright President in my lifetime. I don’t know what action he could take to quell the uprising. George Floyd was a human being and should be remembered as such, not as a Martyr. GOD Bless the USA.


Ok… I am not surprised. I quit Twitter probably 4 years ago. I concluded it was a waste of time & energy. I can see that post/sentiment/spirit giving birth to civil war. I don’t see folks taking kindly to threatening their neighborhoods & families. I certainly don’t & wouldn’t. No police, no order… TOTAL CHAOS!

I believe there’s a mysterious figure out there somewhere who is supposed to be coming to unite everybody, bring “order out of chaos…”

We’re living in dangerous times. :v:t5:


I have been waiting hours to post the obvious. Hasn’t anyone even noticed the misspelling on the hashtag yet? It was intended to suck folks into hatred and it appears to work. Antifa perhaps?
It may be a REAL quote, but pay attention to details before you get too excited about ANYTHING on social media.

As soon as this was posted I flagged it for moderation as “inappropriate”. I stand by that still. This is going nowhere very quickly.


That’s true, but threats have to be taken seriously.

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While he did have a criminal record, that per some reports includes an armed robbery of a pregnant woman, …. and it does appear he was resisting arrest…
What the officer did was unacceptable. It was far too long, and at some point they should have started checking on his condition… though we still do not know if the officer was the cause, or the drugs in his system along with being positive for Covid-19 and having breathing difficulties due to that… or if it was a combination.

Either way, the officer should not have had his knee on Floyd’s neck for that long… but it is not racism, and we must all try to deal in facts, even as the left who want to destroy the system, and the media, want to deal in lies, and inciting anger and hatred.

The left, planned and organized, waited for something, anything, to happen, and they chose to crash their wave on the shore or Floyd, even as the case does not hold up under intense scrutiny… it is not racist, it is excessive force, but does not justify looting, demanding the police be defunded, or most of the things the so called protesters are doing.

The majority of people all agreed the officer was wrong and should be punished… and yet… we ended up with looting, riots, people being killed like David Dorn, all to appease leftist Terrorists… and weak politicians are bending over backwards to pander to them.

But, there is a bright spot.

The Coronavirus has been cured, suddenly it has gone from “How dare you think you can attend church, you will make the nation sick and kill thousands”, to … come on out and protest, forget social distancing, and even loot and burn if you want"


Not cured…
Taken from the 1000+ doctors signed letter starting to make it’s way into the news:

“… as public health advocates, we do not condemn these gatherings as risky for COVID-19 transmission. We support them as vital to the national public health and to the threatened health specifically of Black people in the United States. We can show that support by facilitating safest protesting practices without detracting from demonstrators’ ability to gather and demand change. This should not be confused with a permissive stance on all gatherings, particularly protests against stay-home orders. Those actions not only oppose public health interventions, but are also rooted in white nationalism and run contrary to respect for Black lives.”

They say ‘white’ and they say ‘nationalism’ like they are bad things… and just when I thought we were getting past patriotism being a dirty word

This guy George Floyd was definitely no angel, and the lead cop Chauvin was a real winner with a where there’s smoke there’s fire track record, then we have 2 rookies that were 1 week being on the street. There is all kinds of Greek tragedy here.

Here in my neck of the woods, to my knowledge of 49 years there has never been a wrongful racial death by police brutality in Santa Clarita by CHP or LA County Sheriff’s Deputies, yet they come here to plan these protests, ship in protesters who fill up the local Air BnBs, one of which had over 70 people who were ordered to leave by the Sheriff’s in a late night call after noise and illegal parking complaints. They came out with quite a few smelling of weed, some still with their red solo cups. One observation I noticed was that just about every male that came out was dressed with something that was in red, as in the “bloods” gang red.

At first the city and Sheriff’s office was denying any rumors of a protest being scheduled or any permits applied for. On Sat May 31st at 130a I caught 3 individuals walking through the neighborhood, they were walking up the block they got startled when I went outside to check out an object in my driveway that I saw in my cameras, as I opened my garage door they crossed the street and kept walking up the street. I simply stood from property watching them and they waived in sync, I acknowledged their waive and they continued up the street.

Later that night my close friend who is a CHP sergeant reached out and gave me a heads up to lock up and stay inside confirming these are more than just rumors of residential areas being targets. The city issued a curfew aside from the LA county issued curfew, again issued a statement that no permit was applied for, but that protests don’t require a permit on public areas or throughways such as sidewalks. My neighbors and I had a quick huddle and made sure we had good contact numbers, our cameras all functioning, fire extinguishers, baking soda, shovels, water hoses and towels/blankets to wet ready just in case.

Luckily these organizers seem to be the b squad as it was horribly organized, they had no PA and the bullhorns they were using we’re all muffled and garbled. They tried to get people to block traffic and encouraged them to get arrested and be prepared for guns to be drawn. The bomb squad was also deployed to “make safe” a suspicious object being a pipe device found in some bushes at a gas station near one of the four corners planned for protesters. The CHP and Sheriff’s cleared the protesters and they keep trying to push back through and chanted , move your “f’ing” bikes. Then this last Friday when a pro Trump, pro Blue Lives counter protester had his US flag ripped from his tail hitch and trampled along by being attacked with water bottles and challenged to fight the unmarked vehicles pulled out in force along with the National Guard already in place they lost many of the crowd who turned and walked away.

The air unit would come through maybe once around 9p, I believe they brought in an additional unit and would come more frequently through the area throughout the night, along with we would not have any patrols and only see any ground units if there was a call. Now I see patrol units throughout the day

In checking with online forums we’ve had multiple reports of groups of individuals checking cars between 1am and 430a this last week.

It went from 500-800 on the first couple of protests to just 50 today, along with these groups BLM has denied any participation in attempting to organize here in Santa Clarita, there is a school instructor and an attorney who sits on the school board who has been a part of these organizers. They’ve been calling for protests to continue on a daily basis.

I‘ve been shaking my head at the misinformation that is being spread, then tonight I just watched a video that red pilled me and put the pieces together as to why people have been placed in what some would call a perfect storm. This video it talks about the Sunrise Movement, who have been planning and waiting for an opportunity to have these riots deploy.

One of the local organizers of the protests we’ve had since this started was named as being a part of the Sunrise Movement group in some news articles last year.

I’m sure the video will be taken down soon by YouTube, it’s titled Minneapolis Riot was Preplanned.

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Due to COVID19 unemployment impacts, they probably don’t. This is another contributing factor to this current disaster.

I would suggest anyone who has not seen it yet to watch Candice Owen’s video on why she does not support George Floyd. Keep in mind that does not mean she supports the officers who killed him.