Gen 1 Glock 17

So, I need someone to educate me.

My boys have started going to the range with me and I’ve been letting them use my old Gen 1 G17 with the original mag. I actually hate that mag because it doesn’t drop freely.

Someone at the range asked me if I was a collector or if the gun had any sentimental value. When I said I wasn’t, he said I should look into selling it or at least the mag to people in states that cannot buy post-ban glocks.

I thought the only restriction was mag capacity. Is there another reason people would pay top dollar for an old Glock?

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Gen 1s are rare, they just released a recreation just so collectors could fill in their gaps.

Collectors would like that gun I’m sure, and be willing to pay.

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California specifically has crazy laws but it can be gen 3 or older.

If you are thinking about selling do yourself a favor and get a few different appraisals.


Don’t sell it, Keep it.


Both the gun and the magazine are a collectors item.
The reason the magazine does not drop free is because it is made to Euro design, and is intentional. For them (Police/Military), the feature of the mag not dropping free is a requirement). CZ 75 and other guns of theirs use a magazine brake to do the same thing. Later Glock mags are known as FML (full metal lined), and do drop free. That was in response to the American market.


I think I’ll put it back in the safe for now. I may actually know someone who would appreciate it more than I do and I’m sure I can find something he has that I would want and use.

I only have room for one safe queen and she’s an HK P7M13.

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IMO, unless you really want another gun or can replace it with one you want more, don’t sell. It’s hard to find guns right now. On the flip side, it’s hard to find guns so you might get top dollar for it. :woman_shrugging: Be sure to keep a paper trail for the legal sale of the firearm.


I’m finding lots of guns on the market. It’s ammo that’s hard to find.

If you don’t care to collect, I’d sell or trade it with a friend like you said. I’m not big into collecting anything really (though I have a small collection of old video games :grin:). I’d rather have a gen 4 or 5 or an M&P2.0 than an old glock, even if it’s a collectors item.

I agree. I’d rather use than store. I already have a Gen 5 that I use and keep handy for home. That’s why I was letting the kids use the Gen 1.

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If it’s really worth top dollar, see if you could trade it in for two guns so you and your boys can have more toys to share with on your trips to the range.

Fun experiences with your boys are more valuable than that pseudo-collector item.


They’re normally using a Glock 44 or M&P 15-22 rifle. They’re ready to move up, but the thought of them using up all my 9mm is giving me heart palpitations. :cold_sweat:

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I don’t know the exact value of a working Gen1, but I would bet it’s 2x or 3x a new gen4/5 Glock. If you have the original box collectors love that stuff.

I vote for you to keep it, the longer you hold onto it the more value it accrues, both financially and historically. It was probably made in the late 80s so they are approaching 40 years old, nothing to sneeze at IMO.

If you really don’t want it, sell or trade it to someone who can appreciate it and make sure you get good value (at least same cost as current gen glocks). You can replace it with something new, maybe a matching pair for your Gen5