What would you sell?

If firearm prices do indeed go sky high, what used firearms would you sell for a big profit?

For me it would be the Beretta 84FS double stack, which is probably the most beautiful firearm I own, but painful for my hands to shoot it, and the green M9A3 which I wish that I never bought (wanted a grey one!).


Any polymer striker fired handgun. These are tools I don’t get attached to.
I WILL NEVER SELL any 1911 for sure :point_up:


In 30+ years we have never sold any gun.

  1. I don’t trust anyone to not go do something stupid that gets me even peripherally involved in a gun crime. Yes I know about receipts and selling to FFL and such.

  2. I am not a spree buyer of guns. Every gun I own has a purpose. Those purposes don’t change and neither will I.

  3. I intend to pass them down in a trust to my daughter for her children. I want them to be used not sold off. (I can hope and dream still).


Ruger 10/22 rifle w/scope, like new. $1,000,000.00 cash or gold. Ammo not included.


I’ll trade you a 1/2 pack of Angel Soft, and a can of Lysol.


I’m with you. I NEVER plan on selling any.



Only gun I dislike, my Glock.

Only reason I’m holding onto it, plan to get an AR9 of sorts so they can both use the same mags.

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Right now…

Nothing, but if where a regular day…
I don’t mind selling a few of my AR’S

That is the only gun I have ever sold (seriously, I have never sold any other gun) and wish I didn’t. It had rubber Pachmayr grips and was a no pun intended, blast to shoot. I sold it to help fund my current EDC, but the $400 I got for it is in the noise now.

Tell me more, Gary. I’ve taken it to the range twice. Both times it killed the base of my thumb. Now it just sits and looks pretty. Was yours the double stack? I hear that the single is thinner and easier on the thumb.

Yes, mine was a double stack 380. I had a 13 round, and 2 10 round magazines for it. It had the Pachmayr grips on it when I bought it so I don’t know how it handled with the original grips. Not a great photo, but you can see the texture in the photos. Everybody in my family was pissed off cause they all liked shooting it. This was 4 years ago and 380’s were out of favor at that time.

Well, everybody except my wife. She couldn’t understand why I could possibly “need” a both 380 and a 9mm at the same time - I’d like to give her credit that she understood they were both 9mm, but …

Anyway I sold it to relieve stress at home - been married 32 years so far, so wasn’t worth the argument. :slight_smile:

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Doing some research on grip options. I dislike shooting it enough that I may melt it down…one ring to rule them all.

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Gangster firearm…Lorcin .380…generic pix I found…cheap…lot of criminals owned these.(as I have been told) One of the worst firearms I have ever shot, HOWEVER it does go bang, sometimes. How did I come by it? A criminal, convicted felon, that we tried to help with a job, gave it to us. He is back in jail… was cooking meth, sticky fingers, pot salesman. The gun…Probably hot. Ill keep it as a paper weight.

That is a beautiful one! :+1: It would be a shame to scrap it :frowning:

Here’s some links and reviews for the grips I had:

I used to horse trade a lot back in the day (usually with the same 4 or 5 people) and I ended up with almost all of the guns I traded as well as a few more. My financial condition was usually better when theirs were the worst, but always with first right of refusal. There was an AMT Backup in 380 that I have owned at least 5 times, not sorry it’s gone. Right now I have a SA XD (1st Gen) Bi-Tone Tactical (5") that I would trade for a Gen1 XD in “service length” (4") in a heart beat especially if it was Bi-Tone. Sell outright, none that I can think of.



Thanks for the info, guys. I missed out on a $18 grip on eBay by 30 seconds…work gets in the way! Still, I found a set from Farrar, which I ordered. They have an “Indiana State Police” mold…so I couldn’t resist. Here’s hoping that my hand likes them!s-l500 (2) s-l500

Springfield 1911 TRP. In my opinion the most beautiful 1911 without buying a fully customized one. I would hate to part with it but if i were ever in a pinch, I know I have something I could fall back on.


:star_struck: :star_struck: Beautiful Firearm. :+1:

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