Friday Fun: Concealed Carry-Friendly Vacations?

Does winter have you wishing for a vacation? The forecast for this weekend in Wisconsin is sleet, snow, and cold. :cold_face: A warm beach somewhere is sounding pretty awesome right about now!

Where are your favorite concealed carry-friendly vacation spots?


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South Dakota?

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What’s your favorite concealed carry-friendly vacation?

(It doesn’t have to be one of the above.)

Fan of National Parks? Check out our page about the carry laws in those.


I am a beach person and always used to go to NJ. Before LEOSA, police generally didn’t bother out of state officers carrying and I spoke to NJSP and local police where I stayed before I got there. After LEOSA, it was a little easier, but their hollow point restriction was still awful. More recently, beach trips have been to NC, or the Gulf Coast FL.


Hey! The weather here in Louisiana has a low of 49 (right now) and a high of 60.

I must say though, any vacation would be good right now! Get out of La for a little bit!

I’m stacking any extra funds back for my vacation to the expo this year.


This year is Kansas City Missouri, the weekend of March 20-22. Actually though, we prefer vacations that are outdoors, so places like Gatlinburg, or even some state/national park locations, even right here in Illinois. Although, I am planning an extended trip to Yellowstone. My wife wants to go to the Gulf of Mexico and sit in the sand. For the record, it is possible to ccw in swimming trunks. Trust me.


Happy Community Anniversary, @45IPAC! I’m so glad to have you here!

Gatlinburg is AWESOME! I’ll take your word on CCW in swimming trunks :rofl:

We’ve got details on carrying in National Parks here.


@Randall318. In the past I had 3 different vacations in New Orleans and always had a good time start to finish. “I identified as a tourist” Randall :grin::grin: I thought you would want to know


With oldest son’s divorce settling down and his ex father in law now completely out of the picture he and our ex daughter in-law are working things out and she just wants to settle. So it’s very surreal and Leslie and I are readjusting as we now have lots of time on our hands every other weekend.

We’re getting ready to going back to our Corvette top down road trips and other adventures.

We love AZ, and are up on many of the events that go on in Lake Havasu. Last weekend they had their annual hot air balloon festival. They also have some great muscle and classic car shows, power boat races etc.

This year as I’ve mentioned were looking for new roads to travel. So we’re definitely looking to getting to TX.

I’d like to go to the South Dakota, and definitely when the whether is warming up get over to WI to see our family there and drop by USCCA HQ.

As a side note and not a CCW destination, but we may have a trip to Barbados if I win President’s club again with my company, so that may be our big trip this year.


I have never been to Lake Havasu but my son tells me it is fantastic. He used to go out there for long weekends when he was stationed at 29 Palms. He had a few great stories he couldn’t remember! Oh to be 21 again!


I actually like the snow, and the cold; detest heat and humidity. Sadly not quite enough winter yet here in Montana…

We plan our vacations around friendly States. If I do have to traverse a non friendly State, then I fill up with fuel and do not stop or spend money there. I do realize my actions are a fraction of a drop in a very large barrel, but I care.

Alaska is the only State that I have not been to. We love the Dakotas, Idaho and Utah (especially SE Utah). In March she can pick up Nevada and Arizona for that trip. A lot of places she has not been yet, so it is all new!


If you can abide and deal with the restrictions from Canada, I can’t. The road trip to Alaska is great. RV to Alaska get a Moose or Caribou. Put it in a couple of large coolers and have some interesting BBQ later with your friends. Again be prepared to deal with canadian Regulations on the way back while transporting the meet. American Border Control on Reentry to US is no piece of cake either.
My friends and I rent a plane. We fly up to avoid the Idiots in TSA. A really great trip.


I’m glad to have your company here @45IPAC!!

@Robert8, I insist you tell me about it!!!
Did you go to Mardi Gras?

There are not a lot of places like the Big Easy!
It’s a “promise” to have fun regardless of what you’re celebrating!! Even if you just went down there to walk around the French Quarter && eat good food, its a guaranteed good time. Although you should be careful with too much celebratory activity down there because one might easily end up in Orleans Parish Jail for the night! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Four things are for certain in NO:
(1) Excellent Food
(2) Friendly Conversations With Complete Strangers
(3) Good Music
(4) FUN!!!

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So that’s what the cake is for. I’m happy to be here, contribute, enlighten, and learn from others.


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