Friday Favorite: Shooting Glasses

I recently purchased new shooting glasses that have different lense options. I love them! It was great to be able to use darker lenses for the outdoor range and change to the clear lenses for dusk or indoor shooting.


Do you use different lenses for the range? What are your favorite range glasses?

I have to wear glasses so I just get the poly-carbonate lenses. Every range I’ve been to have just let me use those.

I’ve worn ben franklin readers behind Maui Jims or Wiley’s Not as nice as prescription (correction for astigmatism) shooting shields but gets the job done. The protective eye wears from these two companies have replacement lenses which are available in many different filters/colors for light conditions. Easy replacement if they get badly scratched. Not cheap though.

I’m on indoor range only, so poly-carbonate glasses work fine. Nothing fancy - $5.

I have yellow tinted shooting glasses for indoor, and under an awning. For full sunlight, I buy polycarbonate, polarized sunglasses. I tried breaking the lenses on an old pair. A bullet finally killed them. A hammer, didn’t even scratch them, although it dented the metal they were sitting on.


Here are my shooting glasses!image


@MikeBKY I like them, that is a good two finger pour :call_me_hand:

Here are both pair of my shooting glasses

To the original intent of the thread, I am a life time supporter/wearer of Oakley, they have saved my eyes and most of my boyish good looks (can’t fix ugly) from a host of ugly mean nasty things that my face has gotten stuck in front of. Somewhere I still have the lenses from my Razorbades that were sandblasted opaque during a long walk in the desert during Desert Storm.

I have a “lens set” yellow, vermilion,clear and dark for my M Frames (SI) that lives with my shooting gear in a hard case.




In real life I wear Maui Jim polycarbonate glasses outdoors and a pair of S&W shooting glasses at the range.

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I loved my polarized Maui’s until they fell off my hat onto the tile floor and shattered a lens (2000, they didn’t do poly then). Went right back to my Oakley’s and two days later I caught a sheared off bolt head to the right eye. Gouged the hell out of the lens, broke the frame at the nose piece and gave me a black eye. Hurt like hell but I am still 20/10 (at distance, presbyopia has me at 20/80 up close, but that is age) in that eye. I continue to stand behind them.



I finally bought some anti-fog ones on amazon. Love them. It was real annoying for the longest time having to pause to wipe my lenses off

:woman_facepalming: Why am I not surprised, @MikeBKY… Will you be at the Expo next year? I think I need to meet you in person! :smiley:

Do we have a date and location for 2020 yet? I was there last year in Louisville and met Tim and Elana and became part of the rapid response team for attorneys. If it’s in Louisville again, I can pretty much guarantee I’ll be there.

March 20 - 22, 2020 in Kansas City, MO.

Here’s a link to the website:

Tickets are not on sale yet.


Got it on my calendar. Now gotta see if I can make it work. Currently have a trial scheduled but hope it will resolve in advance.

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