Request your experiences re: ballistic polarized sun/shooting eyewear clarity - Magpul vs. Oakley vs. Leupold

Looking at different brands of ballistic polarized sun/shooting eyewear: Magpul Helix, Oakleys, Leupold Tracers, etc.

I have a new pair of the Leupold Tracer that includes gray, clear and amber lenses. They are ballistic grade and polarized. I’ve only tried the gray lenses. While wearing them, I find myself lifting them up off of my eyes in order to see more clearly. They seem to have a clarity issue.

I’m wondering how they compare with the Magpul Helix and the Oakleys for clarity. What is your experience with these different brands of ballistic, polarized sunglasses / shooting glasses?

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Eyeballs are very important to me, especially at my age where my arms are too bloody short to see the sights but I can still see a rabbit at 1K yards (Presbyopia sux and cataracts are next)

I will admit from word go that I am an Oakley fan. My first set was issued to me when I got to DEVGRU, they were just some stone cold killer shades (Razor Blades) that I could have never afforded on E5 pay. I stood overwatch (this is embarrassing) during a sand storm where I had my face all bundled up and yellow lenses. I got relieved the next morning and the young Marine commented on how beautiful the morning was. I looked at him and said “You like fog?” Take your glasses off Doc. The sand storm had sandblasted my lenses totally opaque. I was going through a breacher course using some pretty exotic stuff and the door blew back. I looked like I had been hit with a sand blaster except my eyes. Multiple times there after I have lenses that have half penetrations from fragments and such. I have Half Jackets now and I’m getting the idea I better start looking for lens packs as I think they are going away. That is my main biotch with Oakley, they change the frames and they are non retrofit. I would still be wearing my Razor Blades if they made them, they were the perfect shooting/walking around glasses.



Thanks for the reply. Noted and will be weighed in heavily.

I’m kind of in the same boat. Astigmatism, older, and have the beginnings of a cataract in my non-dominant eye. But no vision correct restriction on driver’s license. But still, I wear contacts anyway. Monovision. I’m lefty and dominant left eye. In dominant left eye (pistol sight eye) I wear a +1.50 reader contact, best focus at pistol sight distance. Distance contact in non-dominant eye, focuses at distance, not close up. Takes a little getting used to. Been wearing mine 20 years. Contacts are Torics, correct my astigmatism. My arms are not long. If someone was really short armed, a +1.75 might be better in that dominant aiming eye. Wearing contacts rather than glasses, I can put whatever sunglasses I want over them without having to get prescription sunglasses. Plus, I see better with contacts than I do with glasses.

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I’ve been wearing a few pairs of Oakley for a few years now. Mostly Half Jacket 2 XL with Prism polarized. They are great. Even when I’m sweating like a filthy beast, they don’t shift around even though they don’t really feel tight. That Prism lens really does add some clarity and contrast definition. I also have the ballistic version Crosshair with black iridium polarized lenses. Also some Gibston with just Prism (gotta have something that’s not tactic00l op’rator), and now some Prism Wiretap 2.0. They are all great, can’t go wrong.

If you’re able to get it, that SI discount is no joke. They really do offer a much better deal on discounts for vets and first responders than a lot of companies selling things do.

Recently, I bought a pair of Magpul Helix. Polarized, bronze tint, blue mirror. They don’t have the unobtainium rubberized materials, so I’ll have to wait for summer to see how they do for moving around and that. As far as clarity, detail go, they are at least comparable to Oakley. I actually like them better for driving. Could be the tint, I’m not sure. Maybe their polarization works better, who knows.

If I go to buy another pair of sunglasses (prob never since I have around 7 pairs now…wth is that about?), I would not be hesitant to buy Magpul again.

While working as a Deputy Sheriff in 2016, I was wearing Oakley half-jacket prizm polarized and took a rake handle to the face over my left eye and eye brow.

Those glasses (the frame mostly) saved my left eye. My brow was split and required stitches and I had a black eye for a week, but I would have lost my eye without those Oakleys on.

I don’t wear anything else.

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I guess I just don’t overthink shooting glasses and tend to buy based on sales. I own (in not particular order Smith, Magpul, Oakley, and Costa. The Smith and Oakley both have interchangalbe lens, which is nice for indoors or cloudy days outside. However, I honestly don’t see much difference among the four.

Was always a fan of Rudy Project Genetyk ImpactX Photochromic Polarized lenses. Technology and materials of these lenses are used in post 9/11 windows in cockpit doors and Apache helicopter windshields.
Don’t think the Genetyk are available, after 12 years they’ve moved on. The Rydon set is a good runner up!
Very comfortable, extremely lightweight ( half the time I forget I’m wearing them ) and unbreakable! Meets or exceeds ANSI standards.

Photochromic Red ( pictured ) set included the case, Laser Black and Clear lenses. Compatible with prescription lenses.