Request your experiences re: ballistic polarized sun/shooting eyewear clarity - Magpul vs. Oakley vs. Leupold

Looking at different brands of ballistic polarized sun/shooting eyewear: Magpul Helix, Oakleys, Leupold Tracers, etc.

I have a new pair of the Leupold Tracer that includes gray, clear and amber lenses. They are ballistic grade and polarized. I’ve only tried the gray lenses. While wearing them, I find myself lifting them up off of my eyes in order to see more clearly. They seem to have a clarity issue.

I’m wondering how they compare with the Magpul Helix and the Oakleys for clarity. What is your experience with these different brands of ballistic, polarized sunglasses / shooting glasses?

Eyeballs are very important to me, especially at my age where my arms are too bloody short to see the sights but I can still see a rabbit at 1K yards (Presbyopia sux and cataracts are next)

I will admit from word go that I am an Oakley fan. My first set was issued to me when I got to DEVGRU, they were just some stone cold killer shades (Razor Blades) that I could have never afforded on E5 pay. I stood overwatch (this is embarrassing) during a sand storm where I had my face all bundled up and yellow lenses. I got relieved the next morning and the young Marine commented on how beautiful the morning was. I looked at him and said “You like fog?” Take your glasses off Doc. The sand storm had sandblasted my lenses totally opaque. I was going through a breacher course using some pretty exotic stuff and the door blew back. I looked like I had been hit with a sand blaster except my eyes. Multiple times there after I have lenses that have half penetrations from fragments and such. I have Half Jackets now and I’m getting the idea I better start looking for lens packs as I think they are going away. That is my main biotch with Oakley, they change the frames and they are non retrofit. I would still be wearing my Razor Blades if they made them, they were the perfect shooting/walking around glasses.



Thanks for the reply. Noted and will be weighed in heavily.

I’m kind of in the same boat. Astigmatism, older, and have the beginnings of a cataract in my non-dominant eye. But no vision correct restriction on driver’s license. But still, I wear contacts anyway. Monovision. I’m lefty and dominant left eye. In dominant left eye (pistol sight eye) I wear a +1.50 reader contact, best focus at pistol sight distance. Distance contact in non-dominant eye, focuses at distance, not close up. Takes a little getting used to. Been wearing mine 20 years. Contacts are Torics, correct my astigmatism. My arms are not long. If someone was really short armed, a +1.75 might be better in that dominant aiming eye. Wearing contacts rather than glasses, I can put whatever sunglasses I want over them without having to get prescription sunglasses. Plus, I see better with contacts than I do with glasses.