Foxx IWB Hybrid Holster Comfort Pad?

There are not many IWB holsters available for Springfield EMP with 4" barrel, so I am considering the Foxx Hybrid Holster (

My question is does anyone have any feedback regarding the “comfort pad”?

I have had a couple of emails back and forth from Foxx:

The 1st one: "Gary, Any moisture can be wiped off from the pad and will not soak into the pad. Some customers do not like the bare leather against their skin and prefer the comfort pad. "

I then asked if I could add the pad later if I did not find the leather comfortable, the response: "Gary, Sorry we are not able to do that. "

So, looks like I have to make the “comfort pad” decision before I order.

Thanks in advance for any feedback

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This is the first I’ve heard of this company but I saw the link to the website and all customers give 5 star reviews. I like the way they look but personally I can’t comment. The price is not bad either.

@Gary_H, I think you might have fallen down a rabbit hole with the 1911. The Springfield EMP is a 1911, and with a 4" barrel, I would imagine all commander 1911 holsters should work. Finding holsters for the 1911 should be relatively straightforward as even with some different options that companies put on their offerings, the basic size remains the same. The problem is that so many manufacturers offer 1911’s, it is impossible to list each and every make and model, so they typically list a bunch of the more popular offerings to get internet hits when people search things like “EMP holster.” One way to prove this to yourself is to go to a holster manufacturer’s site and select a couple of the same size 1911’s and if you watch the actual product number, you will see that they are the same product. In many cases, and the Foxx may or may not fall under this, but it is common with this type of design, the same holster will fit government, commander, and officer sized handguns and all that change is the amount of the slide that protrudes.

The Foxx holster looks good, and I see nothing that would indicate that it wouldnt be a good holster, but you probably have more options than you think. If you doubt that, you can always email a company and ask if their 4" commander model will also fit a 4" EMP.

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Thanks @Brian139, that is great feedback :+1:

I was thinking the same thing, but not sure for a moulded kydex fit. I will take your advice and call or email instead of surfing websites.

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A little update:

  • I called Springfield a couple of days ago. Unfortunately they are doing inventory this week, and though very nice, the person on the phone suggested I call back next week to see if someone that has access to drawings can verify dimensional questions.

  • I emailed Galco GunLeather last week with inquiry - no response.

  • Found a post on the internet that writer stated 1911 slides are 0.93" wide. I measured the EMP4 at 0.92, so 10 thousandths of a inch narrower. As stated by @Brian139, it looks like any 1911 holster for a 4"/Commander will work.

  • I found a review on Amazon for a Galco V-Hawk leather holster: “I am carrying either a Dan Wesson VBOB (4.25 in) or a Springfield EMP 4 (4 in) in the V-Hawk holster”

So now I am trying to decide between the Galco V-Hawk ( or the Galco Kingtuk Air: (

I’ll admit I am cheap, I didn’t want to spend $69 to $149 on a holster that doesn’t fit my firearm, much less is not comfortable.

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Got the Galco built to order V-Hawk today :+1:

Like the two Galco holsters I have previously purchased, it is really tight, so put my gun in a 1 gallon ziploc and will let it sit a couple of days.

Hopefully I can give it a great review next week.

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