Flying out of Boston Logan Airport

. Will I be able to fly out with my firearm from boston? I flew into Boston with it but I didnt know that I was flying into/out of Boston until I checked in at the airport to fly out for work. Any help would be greatly appreciated🤙🏽

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You shouldn’t have any problem as long as you have a TSA Approved safe, firearm unloaded, and tell the ticket agent that you are traveling with a firearm in your checked luggage.
Unless things have changed.
Which airline are you traveling on?


Here’s a resource that might help, @Sione_Folau:

General information with links to the specific airlines. Definitely check out the TSA site as well.

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I would bet that Mass is in the same league as NY and NJ regarding the “hands off, have the airline forward it” part of that info. provided above. I’m in CT, got my Utah permit recently, and was told, if traveling through MA with a locked, unloaded firearm, I must maintain forward progress or I am breaking their laws.Catch 22 if you get pulled over, and forget about stop lights. Also had a lawyer tell me to film any trunk searches by their state troopers, and heard of a Ct state trooper getting arrested by the Ma staties for illegal firearms possession, my Utah permit instructor relayed that info…can’t wait to vacate this corner of the country one last time.


I am flying Jetblue

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