Traveling from home base MA>RI>CT

I will travel from Mass through Rhode Island to a conference in Connecticut. I Normally avoid those states or drive through with my firearm locked up until I get to my destination. However, now I have to work in CT, and I was wondering whether I could lock my firearm until I am done working. Rhode Island confuses me I have no clue

The firearm must be unloaded and placed in a trunk or compartment which is not readily accessible . If there is no trunk or compartment, the firearm must be unloaded and placed in a locked container (glove box or center console is specifically NOT allowed).

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No expert, but live in CT and was going to shoot at a friend’s club in RI. Best of my knowledge, CT has no issue with FOPA, gun locked up, ammo and mags seperated and locked as well. 10 round mags. Now the issue is with FOPA is you need to be legal at your destination, so if your destination is CT, bear that in mind.
I was going to shoot in RI, destination being a private club I was okay per RI state police phone call. Issue was I had to go direct to the club, and well, I had VIP at Quonset for an airshow…so we decided to wait until our GOP house/Senate and President got us reciprocity…oh wait, nevermind.
Fwiw, I’ll vouch for the “fact” you were headed to my club if you wanted to head out Colebrook way.
For storage, one of those slim under seat lock boxes with a cable worked for me, back when I cared. No “duty to inform” in CT, so that’s a plus.

I’ll be headed to TN in a couple weeks, land and house search in the RV once again. Time to get serious about getting tf out of the commie corner. I’ll be running the NY gauntlet once again, fortunately licenced in most of the rest of the country and in my motorhome which makes it easy to lock things up.
Ironically, I avoid Mass like the plague. I can carry from CT to WA legally, just can’t go through any neighboring state. Ridiculous.


Reads like CA.
Prior to my CCW days: Unloaded, locked, in a locked container.

I know this is almost a year old now, but, just to put it out there since there is a recent reply…

If you take a handgun to or through the state of New York, you risk felony arrest and prosecution.

A pistol license and background check are required to possess a handgun in New York State [N.Y. Penal Law § 400.00(2)]

Even if you are traveling through without stopping for the night or anything, and you have the FOPA/federal law on your side, you still risk felony arrest and prosecution by the locals/state and you can then put that law up as an affirmative defense in your court trial.

I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. I recommend reaching out to NY State Police and/or an attorney in NY State for clarification

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When you look up the word shenanigan in the dictionary,

that part of NY penal law should be next to it.

Yeah, and the problem is, unlike my home state of Florida, which will issue a CCW to non residents, you have to be a resident of NY to get that pistol permit that allows you to keep your legally acquired (in a different state) handgun locked up in the trunk of your car.

My family are all in WNY, and I looked to see if there was any way I could even get a permit to possess a handgun in NY, so that when I drive there, I’m able to carry along the way. Nope, not possible. Even if I wanted to move to NY, I’d have to store my guns somewhere out of state until I had jumped through the hoops of getting a pistol permit, just to possess them in my home! Then, I’d need to get a CCW to be able to walk into the street in front of my house with a handgun on my person, and that’s about as far as I’d legally be allowed to go, because every place other than the public sidewalk (and not all sidewalks) is a “sensitive location.”

F-ing dictatorship, and it’s too bad, because they’re sitting on some of the nicest real estate in the country (WNY and the Finger Lakes), in my opinion.