Traveling to NY

Let’s say someone has their concealed carry permit down south and is planning to bring a firearm for a long drive to New York, where they have very strict gun laws, would there be a scenario where bringing the firearm to NY would be legal? If so, how would the gun need to be stored?

The purpose of bringing the firearm would be for protection during the travel through different states, especially at night for rest stops, gas stations, etc.

Thanks in advance!


USCCA Reciprocity Map & Gun Laws will give all that info- select the states you’ll travel thru to see the carry and/or storage laws for each state.


As far as I know unless you can prove you are PASSING thru NY to a destination that has reciprocity with your license, best to go around NY. Don’t even think about touching the NJ border either.
Seriously, you’ll be treated like a Jewish boy in wartime Nazi Germany. Plus your license plate from the south will be like wearing a gold star on your chest. Leave the weapon at home, enjoy your stay in NY.


I would not take a firearm to NY at all - no matter what state I’m from.

Without knowing what state you’re permits are valid in, I cannot tell you what the reciprocity is for you. I would check our reciprocity map at

NY is not a gun-friendly state, I would’t go as far as @Scott52, but they do not look kindly on gun owners who violate their laws.


You can drive through. You cannot stop except for gas/food. It must be locked in a case in a trunk and away from ammo.
If you were to do this, make sure it can’t be found which of course defeats the purpose of having it in the first place.

John Stosel on FB has a great video of people being caught getting off a plane in NYC with a checked gun. Some were passing through and some not. If caught you will go to jail.

Welcome to my state where the Constitution means nothing. Illegal aliens have more rights than gun owners.


If you are driving TO New York (state or city)… Don’t.

If you are driving THROUGH New York on your way somewhere else… Maybe.

NY state is unfriendly to gun owners, NY City is outright hostile to gun owners and self-defenders in general. If you do decide to go, make sure you read up on all the laws. Even if you decide to leave your firearm at home and stick with non-lethal pepper spray or tazer, read up on THOSE laws too as NYC has restrictions there too.

Good luck!


As big and beautiful as the US is, there are a lot of places to visit that don’t involve risk of jail from excercising your 2A rights. Personally, I will avoid restrictive states, and NY is at the top of the list. Given their current stance on guns, I will not support them with any discretionary spending.


If you insist on having a handgun with you in every state you can legally do so, what I would explore is figuring out which state was the last on my journey I could legally have the handgun with me. Then find an FFL in that state who would be willing to hold the gun for me, and pick it up from them on my way back through. Even better, make it a gunsmith and have them either do some long desired work or take advantage of the opportunity for a detail strip, clean, and safety check. This will cost a few $ but well worth it compared to even the most minimal consequences of getting caught with an unlicensed handgun in NY.


Also keep in mind NJ is pretty bad/risky when passing through if you’re legal in your home/reciprocal states.

Harold, in NY or, especially NYC legal means Nothing!
IF you are not from NY With a NY License or Permit you’re asking for Trouble going there with a weapon.
If You read some of the Horror Stories (TRUE Stories) you’re going to be Amazed

Thank you. I have family in upstate New York that I will most likely be visiting. Your suggestion was what I thought would be the best choice.