How do I move my guns from Florida to Vermont?

I am planning a move from South Florida to Vermont. My route up I-95 takes me through NJ, NY, CT and Massachusetts. How do I get my firearms into Vermont legally?

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Technically you should be able to transport the firearms through these anti-gun states per Federal law 18 USC § 926A, so long as the firearms are unloaded and locked in a case, preferably out of reach of any passengers in the vehicle. Do not store any ammo or firearms in the glove compartment or center console, and don’t keep anything firearms-related in plain sight. Don’t stop except for essentials (gasoline and bathroom break), but even these stops are best avoided in NY and NJ if at all possible. It would also be preferable to keep the ammo in a separate locked case, though this is technically not required under the Federal law. Definitely do not keep the ammo in the same locked case as the firearms though.

The scary thing is that NY doesn’t willingly accept the Federal law: From what I read, it is used as a defense in court after getting arrested while traveling through NY. I would love to hear any real life stories about what to do if pulled over in NY while transporting firearms. I would hope the USCCA’s defense fund could be used in this type of legal action, but I’m not sure.

I previously transported some firearms from NH to AZ, requiring me to travel through MA, CT, and NY. I didn’t stop in any of these states to use a bathroom or get gas - I waited until I crossed the PA state line to stop. Unfortunately I still have more to transport later this year. My plan is to lock the firearms and ammo each in a separate case from Harbor Freight; store the cases in the trunk; no magazines in the firearms; and additionally I will put a separate gunlock on each firearm (the bendable locks that come with every firearm). Additionally on the rifles I will probably separate the upper and lower receivers; and further I will ship all my magazines via UPS or FedEx that hold more than 10 rounds. While some of this sounds like overkill, I will still be VERY nervous during the 100 miles I have to drive through NY, as I was last time. Drive like a Saint and make sure all your vehicle lights function properly. If I were to get pulled over in NY and the LEO asks if I have any guns, I plan to say no because I don’t trust that they will follow the Federal law (based on what I read online). One more thing I would suggest is not having any firearm related stickers (or even Trump stickers) on your vehicle as it will make you more of a target. I don’t believe it is right that we have to take these kinds of precautions, but it is always best to be as careful as possible when traveling through the socialist states.


@Jeremy350 A very informative post, this is what makes our community great. :+1: Welcome to the community, we are glad to have you. Stay safe, Bruce and Nancy.

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Thank you. I had been planning to join the USCCA for a while, finally did it this year. I’m glad to be a part of the community!

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@Jeremy350 Welcome to the community … @Alexander14 don’t forget to check the reprocicity map and guidelines. Trying to get through the Northeast states is worse than getting through Illinois.

On back roads in the dead of night under a loose load of oranges or grapefruit.
Just blue-skying here.

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Lol, that’s how NASCAR got started @David38 …(running moonshine)…but I don’t disagree with the recommendation. :grin:

Good info @Jeremy350, welcome to the community.

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It may have been originally titled “Greatest American Hero”.

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