Planning roadtrip from FL to Canada, looking for gun storage in upstate NY

I am planning a roadtrip from FL to Canada, but I know I cannot carry across the border. I want to carry during the FL to NY part. Any ideas where could I store my gun while I’m in Canada? Looking for upstate NY like Syracuse area.

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I don’t know of any good storage places in Upstate NY. Just be aware that in some ways NYs laws are just as restrictive as Canada’s so be careful what you take to NY and how you transport it.

Canada actually does allow some types of firearms to be taken there for some reasons. There is a fair amount of paperwork involved and lots of regulations on how to transport. You may also have issues taking the firearms back through US costumes so make sure to read up on that process as well if you choose to take any into Canada.

Best option for leaving them in NY would likely be asking a firearms dealer there to store them for you. You would likely have to do a temporary transfer.


Good point. I did not think about the temporay transfer, I hope I would not get a wait period to get it back. Thank you for your input.

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NY says if you are not permitted in NY don’t let the sun set on you and your gun.

You can travel through with proper storage but you can’t spend the night!

BTW Welcome aboard @Ghee

You may transport a handgun THROUGH NYS provided the gun is unloaded, locked, you have your home state license or FOID and your trip THROUGH the state is uninterrupted. You cannot stay in NYS while in possession of your handgun.

The only exemption in NYS law (S265.20 of the penal law) allows someone to remain in NYS with a handgun for the purposes of exhibition or training, provided you have a copy of your home state license or FOID, a copy of registration / confirmation documents for the event, training or competition and transfer it unloaded and unlocked. You may enter and leave within 48 hours of such event.

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