Florida grrrrr permit issues

Applied for my FL. permit a few months back, after thinking about looking at some homes there this fall, and possibly wintering there in our motorhome, but after dealing with Nicky Frieds fdacs I’m guessing I’ll be skipping it.

I did my application online, and under “proof of training” submitted my CT permit, which requires NRA basic pistol as a minimum requirement.

This isn’t good enough dealing with the evasive folks at fdacs, they want a certificate. I told them the letter I received states, certificate, affidavit or other proof, and since my CT permit required training, that should come under other proof.

This falls on deaf ears. I am trying to figure out who has my certification,not sure if it’s the town or state; town didn’t get back to me, state offers no human contact. I looked at the list of approved courses…took one of them 50 years ago, RSO 4 years back, NRA basic 7 years back…but have nothing but a licence and an endorsed club card to show for it, and Florida ain’t biting…emailed my Utah permit instructor, seeing if he can help, but no response yet.

Pretty nutty day trying to imagine a second amendment, reciprocity, common sense, and a land of the free. Noticing the absolute “don’t give a crap” attitude amongst government employees today and the lack of desire to even add 1 plus 1…well, FL ain’t on my favorites list, I’ll leave it at that.

Seems like you would get farther if you started the process from scratch, sat through 3 hrs of training at the local gun store.
Just remember this when you see a ballot with For Governor - Nicky Fried (D)


Having dealt with governmental agencies for a long time, telling them “but what I have is good enough” ain’t. If they say they want a certificate, providing the equivalent information doesn’t satisfy the requirement.

When I moved to Minnesota from Wisconsin almost 40 years ago, I had to take the written driver’s license test. I got the maximum number wrong one could get and still pass the test. Every one of my “wrong” (yes, I still put it in quotes) answers was a safer answer than the “right” answer (and correct according to Wisconsin law). It proved to me that being “right” doesn’t satisfy a legal requirement.


I was telling my wife I can see Fried running for gov based on her self promotion on the fdacs website, heck, she even has a high resolution photo of herself you can download fercripesake.
Anyways, I got in touch with multiple people, being the ocd type of guy I am, and heard back from 2 out of 3. Local PD has my certification, and they made a copy for me that I just picked up. Heard back from my Utah permit instructor, and he mentioned thinking FL may not honor training more than 5 years old, so I am now on the eternal hold with FDACS to see if they’ll honor my 7 year old cert.: I noted nothing on their website about any stipulations regarding timeframes of training…but you folks know how this stuff goes. Had a good chat with my Utah permit instructor and he is going to help out if needed as well…#21 on hold, based on yesterdays wasted day with fdacs, I should be resuming my outwardly saintly, inwardly seething self in another hour or two…just remember “your call is important to us!”

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my permit is gudenuf!! I screenshotted the conversation in case they change their mind :wink:


Mattm, welcome to Planet Florida. Now all you have to find out is which language we speak on this planet.


As I type this, I’m listening to the crows…ahhh, retirement, I’m getting pretty good at speaking Crow…and Dog. Any humans who want to converse will have to get used to that.


I retired and let my drivers license expire. I really didn’t need to drive until recently. Went to get a booklet but it’s online now. No longer go to the clerk’s office but a “regional center” to be tested and an appointment is required. Finding the phone number to make the appointment was like finding hen’s teeth. They need to trim the information presented in half and a menu item for specific information to make an appt and location. I scrolled and searched for half an hour b4 I found it. The hand out from the clerk didn’t even have the number to make an appt.

Government at its best. Take an easy process and turn it into nuclear science.