Florida Permits

I am teaching a MN permit class and adding FL to it. Do I issue 2 separate certificates? Has anyone else taught combination classes? Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!


The one I just went through issued 1 certificate and suggested make copies to mail in to fl or az .


I’ve asked for and gotten some clarification from our Instructor Support Team here:

The certificate reads “This Document Certifies That ____ has completed USCCA CCHDF training,” and our curriculum is compliant with each of their states, so as long as the instructor includes both state supplements, that will qualify their student for their resident state’s permit. That will be a bit of a time commitment to go over the state supplement.

Does that help?


Thank you Dawn. That helps a lot!

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Dawn is there any consideration for receiving approval from AZ so I could offer the curriculum here? We are a constitutional carry state but people want their permits for traveling and purchasing.

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I know we are working on that, @Cyn. No current updates for you, but we are working on it.


Thanks for adding this topic. I stumbled across this link, in case helpful to you: https://www.fdacs.gov/Consumer-Resources/Concealed-Weapon-License/Applying-for-a-Concealed-Weapon-License/Acceptable-Firearms-Training-Documentation

I’m not a FL resident, but am in the process of applying for their CCL/permit. I kinda got stuck when FL’s website reads they require fingerprints from “law enforcement”, however when I contacted law enforcement in my city, county, & state, they responded that during the pandemic, they cannot conduct prints for CCL.

I was wondering if FL might make an exception and accept prints from non law enforcement, but have not yet heard back from FL. Curious if any one knew.

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