CCHDF instructor class Aug. 8&9

I have a Instructors class planned for Aug 8 & 9 here in Leesburg, Florida.
I run this with just a few students so lots of individual attention during training.
We live about an hour from Orlando land of the mouse and about twenty minutes from the villages.

If you have questions just ask and I would be happy to talk with anyone.



@Bill50 - do you want to give everyone a little background on what they can expect in the class and what kind of background someone needs to have to take the class?

Also, is the class only good if you want to be an instructor in Florida? :wink:


Thanks for the idea,
The course upon passing would allow you to teach the course. Many states are now accepting the USCCA certification for CCW instruction, here in Florida our credentials were recognized in 2014 and Cindy and I proudly list our instructor numbers on our class certificates.

As to qualifications I kind of answered this on a different thread but here it goes.
Officially I have never found a listing of basic qualifications to become a instructor, BUT without a very good grounding in firearms, gun handling, working with people, range operations, safety. You would come into the class at a big disadvantage.

Now to what you learn this is a outline of 16 hours of classroom, 8-10 hours of E learning before class and a 50 round range session.
You’ll learn,
Basic RSO functions, range instruction, (cat herding/ controlling a class at the range)
How to read and teach your students
top ten instructor mistakes
Teaching methods and material that’s the gold standard of the training world
first day your learning, second day you are teaching the material in front of classmates and instructor

Personally for me and my wife Cindy we came from teaching the NRA classes, the USCCA material and the classroom experience we can now offer is far better for our students. We just had a couple monitor our current USCCA class that had taken our NRA version a few years ago they could not believe the difference and all the additional material we could offer them. It’s a thumbnail of the class, I’ll say this you will be busy and challenged for 2 full days.


@Bill50 - we talked on the phone not too long ago. I’m very interested.

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glad to talk further anytime

Bill, thanks for sharing!!!